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Amazing and beautiful walrus tusk "Toothpick"

Thats right. Here is a sweet little piece of history. Its a ancient walrus tusk piece. That I have turned into a cool little toothpick. It measures aprox 3" in length. The color is throughout. Its highly polished and with use and time it will only look better!

The tusk I took this piece from is approx 6 to 8,000 years old. I am using it on a current knife project. You can see images of the whole tusk and some of the WIP in the thread HERE.. http://www.kitchenknifefora.com/posts/27962/

This ivory is more rare then a diamond. The black coloration and depth of color. Paired with how solid and well preserved the piece is. Makes it quite unique and desirable! Not to mention beautiful!!!

Im gona start this one off at $5.00 Which is the cost of a auction here on the forums.
Shipping will be additional and for USA shipping Priority mail its 6.00 and for every where else its gona be 25 for Priority.and or I can send first class for alot less. I am guessing closer to half that. Depending on your location. If you would like that option we can figure out the total after the auction..

Good luck to all and thanks for your support.