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Works in progress

Discussion in 'Houston Edge Works' started by Pennman88, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman

    Spalted pecan with carbon fiber on 255mm XHP blade. Double dyed box elder Burl with purple fiberglass twill on a 210mm 20CV gyuto. Rough shaped off the belts.

  2. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman

    Houston bbq throwdown with Chef Ara Melakian. My blades are on the table and, yes, I was working serving 300+ small plates of ribs, wagu smoked brisket, and house made beef sausage smoked with wine barrel staves. That wagu brisket was frikkin’ MEAT BUTTA’!!


    Chef Ara with his 14” CPM S110V brisket sword with ironwood and koa handle.

  3. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman

    Even thinner. This one is 1.75mm on the spine

  4. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman

    Some recent handles.

  5. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman

    250ish mm damasteel kiritsuki tip gyuto with double dyed box elder Burl, malachite, and dyed mammoth tooth bolsters. Custom fitted leather saya. And the face executive chef Anastacia Song made when she slices a hard beet with it at American Cut Midtown by Marc Forgione. This is my ultra high performance super shinogi geometry. This one sold fast. Chef Song wanted a red one.

    46B1B9CE-0513-4384-9082-E84667B96557.jpeg 228E6F94-8467-49AA-9BAB-6138C189CE19.jpeg C81E3AC2-F2E6-4089-B51F-B85CA2A81DFF.jpeg DBAD433E-9D13-4914-A9DC-DB596E0865AF.jpeg 8D858119-EF47-4853-8DFC-D02F166B8601.jpeg
  6. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman

    250mm CTS-XHP kiritsuki tip gyuto. I did a little texturizing near the spine. Tall blade. 62mm at heel

  7. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman

    Choil shot before sharpening in the blue knife above.

  8. Jim

    Jim Old Curmudgeon Founding Member

  9. I totally dig this, different from what you've been making but still instantly recognizable as your work.
  10. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman

    Thanks! I’m making more with this handle profile. It has good ergonomics for racquet grip as well as pinch. Just a different flavor to play with. Why? Because I can!!:p
  11. Toothpick

    Toothpick #2 since day #1 Founding Member

  12. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman

    220mm CPM 20CV k-tip gyuto with double dyed box elder Burl, purple twill bolsters, and green/black/purple trim.


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