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Works in progress

Discussion in 'Houston Edge Works' started by Pennman88, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. Mrmnms

    Mrmnms Founding Member Gold Contributor

    Starry Night indeed! Just the thing for a handle fan. Unreal!
  2. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman

    Thanks Mike! Here's another.
  3. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman

    Now to clean up the blades, sharpen, imprint, and sayas. Top three are CTS-XHP. Bottom is super blue San Mai. IMG_4335.JPG
  4. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman


    240mm CTS -XHP butcher knife. RC 63

    CPM M4 220mm chef knife. RC 64 IMG_4675.JPG

    190mm O1 cleaver. 3/16" thick stock. RC 60
  5. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman

    IMG_4877.JPG Two more getting shaped both in CTS-XHP. 210mm With black box elder and carbon fiber bolsters with black and white malechite. The other is 250mm with blue and green box elder, wenge bolsters and green/blue trim. A third one needed some bolster revision.
  6. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman

    240mm CTS-XHP RC 63 butcher knife. Fresh off the belts so it's covered I water and dust. Spalted maple Burl, ebony bolsters, red and white G10 and red/gold "lapis" stone trim. Top of the handlenis beveled and bottom is rounded and smooth. Now for all the hand sanding and polish.

    IMG_4888.JPG IMG_4892.JPG
  7. Mrmnms

    Mrmnms Founding Member Gold Contributor

    You hand sand from this point forward? Or just handle
  8. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman

    Some works in progress. A pair of Damasteel 270mm sujikis. A CPM M4 blade (red Burl) 225mm, a CPM 20CV blade (blue Burl) 250mm, and a CTS-XHP 250mm blade (green Burl).

    IMG_4988.JPG IMG_4970.JPG IMG_4962.JPG
  9. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman

    IMG_5029.JPG IMG_5031.JPG IMG_5045.JPG Working on the handle.
  10. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman

  11. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman

  12. MotoMike

    MotoMike Founding Member

    very nice indeed
  13. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman

    Chechin Burl and teal resin with mammoth tooth bolsters. CTS XHP filet and gyuto.

    Mesquite Burl and box elder Burl.


    240mm CPM 154CM chef knife with blue and white trim for a Cordon Blu alum exec chef.

    Two filets. 250mm. Left is CTS XHP. Right is CruWear for those who want something seriously tough.

    Matching 210mm k-tip gyuto and filet in XHP. For a CDC at a Beard winning Reataurant.

    250mm CruWear gyuto with box elder Burl. 250mm CruWear filet with polyana Burl. These are for a Beard hall of fame chef.
    XHP custom designed tourne with Birdseye maple. A wedding present for a fabulous chef.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2017
  14. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman

    250mm CruWear filet


    250mm CruWear gyuto

    250mm CPM S110V gyuto with box elder Burl and mammoth tooth bolsters

    IMG_6624.JPG IMG_6623.JPG

    CPM M4. 250mm gyuto

    CPM S110V chef with Koa , red lapis, and black and red carbon fiber scales.

    IMG_6559.JPG IMG_6560.JPG

    250mm CTS XHP gyuto with redwood lace burl, malechite, and carbon fiber


    190mm O1 cleaver with maple Burl and CF

    A happy customer and legendary chef.

  15. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman

    This is one of my more interesting designs. Apparently the first and only Iberico ham farm outside Spain is right here in the metro Houston area. They have been raising Iberico pigs for about 3 years here. The owners also brought over genuine professional Iberico ham butchers to train local workers in the specialized technique of Iberico ham butchery which apparently is a more anatomic way of dissecting the muscle groups than just using a bandsaw to portion out the carcas. One of the trainees who had been there two years brought the specialized knife that they are required to use. It is shaped like the blue handled knife on the left panel of the photo. It was NOT that brand. It was an absolute piece of ******** blade made in Spain. I could chip the edge with my fingernail. If it dropped, it would be dulled or damaged. He wanted a better blade material. The handle was the slickest crap plastic with no texturing whatsoever. He was FORCED to hold it like a hammer by the Spanish butchers. He was not even allowed to choke up on the blade in a pinch grip. The poor guy's hand would be hurting after a couple hours of this treatment. I saw that he was developing carpal tunnel syndrome because he was being forced into a death grip on this ******** knife. Basically these **************** were forcing him into a injury. And because they opened the farm in an economically depressed area, they felt like they would treat their employees like ********.
    The heel height of the knife was 4 inches and that created a pretty long lever arm while holding the handle to have to force along the tissue planes during the dissection. Because motions they were training him to use were based on this exaggerated curved blade, designed this to have the exact same curvature and length as his POS Spanish knife, drop the heel height to 2" to put his hand closer to the cutting edge for better control and beef up the handle to give some relief to his fingers.
  16. Jim

    Jim Old Curmudgeon Founding Member

    looks like it will be a relief to the poor guy, an elegant reinterpretation.
    Does the heel need to be rounded like the original?
  17. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman

    The one he was using has a pointed heel. I couldn't find an exact picture of it. This one is the closest I could find.
  18. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman

    I'm running a donation auction on my IG feed for a local animal shelter here in Houston that is doing lots of great rescue work after the hurricane. Don't bid here on KKFora.

    202mm CPM 154Cm santoku with Texas colors on the handle.


  19. Pennman88

    Pennman88 Professional Craftsman

    The santoku sold for $2600. Jet Tila and Andrew Zimmern sweetened the pot with some swag to the winner as well. I made the full donation to the City of Houston animal shelter.
  20. MattS

    MattS Founding Member

    Well done. Thank you for doing the auction.

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