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Where to get boxes? (and thoughts on the Misen 8")

Discussion in 'Shop Talk' started by ACinSV, May 9, 2018.

  1. Other than custom ordering a batch of 100+ (and probably a setup charge if not a cu$tom die too) - does anyone know where to get boxes that'll hold a typical 210mm/8.2" gyuto/chef? (Mine are about 13.5"/340mm oal.)

    Not super-picky about material - corrugated ok - but would like it to either have a separate lid or a one-piece lid flap. This isn't for shipping, just for packaging/delivery/gift-wrapping.

    I've looked at gift boxes for ties, necklaces, and other long/shallow things - either too shallow or too short. I've found some so-so options from China at Alibaba/AliExpress etc., but only in at least 100 quantity. Packaging mfgs like Uline have corrugated boxes near the right size but they all have a 4-flap 'packing box'-type top.

    Anyone know of a source? (Preferably an actual known answer, rather than "well, maybe you could try _____" :)

    Thanks! Andrew

    (tl;dr follows)
    Background: I bought a Misen chef which Kenji Lopez-Alt on SeriousEats.com raved about - at $65 I can see why - just to see what he loved about it. It came in the sweetest box ever - heavy/stiff smooth-coated cardboardy stuff, with a magnetic flap, and a custom-cut insert. (I had something similar on a super-bright 'tactical' flashlight set of generic real-inexpensive Chinese origin.) I know I'm not gonna get that without a custom order of a lot - my point is that a nice bit of presentation goes a long way.

    And as to the knife: personal opinion as a dedicated cook for 40+ years and now chefs' knifemaker: wow. Love the blade shape, love the balance, love the overall geometry, love the handle feel - especially the pinch-grip-friendly bolster, love the design. I'm not into stainless and it's a bit soft for my taste, but given that it's unrealistic to mass-market HCS, at least it's AUS-8 and sharpened at 15┬░ so not bad. It's supposed to be HRC 58-59 (although Wired mag early on had one tested and it hit only 51 mid-blade and 56 near the tip, but that was attributed to poor Q/C in the HT process).

    Overall very agile and sleek - makes a standard-issue mid-market W├╝stHenckels feel like a clumsy teutonic clunker. Cuts nicely, definitely designed with a bias towards good push-cutting technique although it's got enough of a belly for rock-choppers too. (Yeah, sorry, don't mean to start a religious war, and I rock-chop to mince things too, but who doesn't...? :)
  2. MattS

    MattS Founding Member

  3. Very nice thought! I like those. Appreciate the specific info. :)

    Probably not an ideal solution for me though. Besides the imprint/logo, at $40 they're way too pricey as a packaging option, unless I charged add'l for 'em. ($40 is more than the steel cost for a knife, unless I'm buying Damascus, and usually more than the scales unless it's stabilized amboyna burl! :)

    FWIW to other folks, I've used artists' "brush boxes" (click here for link) from Amazon, which're really nice and well-made. But even at only $13, that's still more $ than what I'm looking for...sigh.

    I'm just hoping for a nice but basic packaging box, somewhere in the $1-4 range. Thanks, though, Matt!
  4. U line has tie boxes but they aren't really the right size, as you said too shallow
    try -
    Natasha Hill
    Packaging Expert
    1888-276.1239 x 104

    another option is to group buy with several makers -> 5x100

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