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What's for dessert?

Discussion in 'Food and Drink' started by Toothpick, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. Jim

    Jim Old Curmudgeon Founding Member

  2. Chuckles

    Chuckles Founding Member

    Looking really good Jim!
  3. bieniek

    bieniek Founding Member


    Nevermind the muggy bag up there or the old cooking oil... It was the first day with reasonable warmth to it and even though it was windy as hell, I got some sun on me by reading my magazine in the garage lol.
    So my personal dolce vita that day was banana split, just fried in butter plus shop bought vanilla ice. And a double.
  4. This must be a chocolate lovers delight:

    "Chocolate Nemesis" by River Cafe. Wow!
  5. Chuckles

    Chuckles Founding Member

    Mmmmmm. Chocolate.

    My wife is a pastry chef. Photos like this just appear in my photo stream through our shared cloud account. She hasn't mentioned anything so I have no idea what it is.. Aside from being really, really, ridiculously good looking.

    image.jpg image.jpg
  6. apicius9

    apicius9 Founding Member

    Something exploded? :D But I would eat it...

  7. Damn chuckles that looks good. I would bury my face in that...
  8. Toothpick

    Toothpick #2 since day #1 Founding Member

  9. Mrmnms

    Mrmnms Founding Member Gold Contributor

    The Chocolate Nemesis is elegant and simple. Two thing I noticed. Was she cutting parchment paper on a stainless table? Chills. She also mentioned melting chocolate over boiling water. Not SOP. Just warm to hot water.

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