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Tristone Bladesmithing WIP Cont'd

Discussion in 'Tristone Bladesmithing' started by Chadd Smith, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. Jim

    Jim Old Curmudgeon Founding Member

  2. Good luck Chadd!
    See you at the knife show.
  3. Cheers, it's long days for me in the shop at the moment, trying to get what I can done before the show.

    No worries bro :D

    Your telling me, the time, cost and emotional attachment to each blade is taking it's toll on me I am afraid.

    Hopefully I will! I am hoping I can get some 48"/72" S grind SG2 blades to the show but it is not looking good. Looks like I wont have the attachment until Monday which only gives me four days.
  4. MattS

    MattS Founding Member

    Seriously..thanks for the WIPs, super cool to read.
  5. I was lucky enough the other day to pick up both a 72" and 48" radius platen. Below is the results of 15minutes grinding to get from what was a scrap piece of AEBL at 60 HRC i broke as part of my controls for the knife show. Suffice to say if I get told these knives snap, I'll be asking some questions and sending a video. Like I said though, fifteen minutes to get a hollow from the spine to 8mm above the edge with a 72" platen (Per side). Computer sims I ran of the grinding showed that I still have just over 1mm at the narrowest point between the two hollow grinds, which was one per side. This obviously a rough job and it is the first time I have used the platen, but from what I experienced during grinding I am quite happy with the results. I'll do some more testing after the show and make a few knives with a professional finish to test the performance. I will keep you updated.


    Below are some other shots of my knives I have been prepping for the knife show. I have not yet done any full tangs much to my dislike, and I am hoping to get a few done before the show, I have two AEBL blades at 60HRC and one RWL34 blade at 63hrc full tangs waiting to be done. Anyway here are some pictures of some WA handle knives, just keep in mind these are not finished and after the knives are glued I will be cutting the rear of the handle to put on the angled butt for those knives that require it.

    20160727_151726.jpg 20160728_224815.jpg 20160729_202618.jpg 20160730_155945.jpg

    165mm SG2 Wa Gyutuo at 1500grit with Black buffalo, copper, g10 and Snakewood D shaped handle.

    This was the first rendition of an octagonal, black buffalo, stainless and snakewood handle on a 248mm RWL34 mirror polished blade. I changed this to a kite handle.(Octagonal on the top, oval on the bottom. In my opinion gives both comfort and looks over a standard Octagonal handle.)

    This one is an RWL34 Gyuto 210mm with black buffalo, stainless, g10 and ringed gidgee kite handle.
    20160801_205955.jpg 20160801_210006.jpg
    This is an AEBL 210mm Gytuo (60HRC) finished to 600grit with black buffalo, amboyna burl and copper D shaped handle.

    This one is for the ladies. 210 Mirror polished RWL34 with faux ivory, ss, pink rhondonite and pink ivory handle in a D shape.
    20160801_220619.jpg 20160801_220628.jpg

    This one is a 255mm Masamoto KS profile laser at 1500grit with black buffalo, ss, and california Buckeye Burl handles in a D shape.
    20160801_222036.jpg 20160801_222112.jpg

    You may have noticed in this picture there is a 255mm R2 San Mai Masamoto KS style blade with a camatillo and bocote D shaped handle. I did not get better pictures of this but it is there.


    Anyway I hope you all had a bit of fun looking at my progress, I'll have to get better pics taken when I get a chance so you can all have a look later.

    Attached Files:

  6. MotoMike

    MotoMike Founding Member

    Great work Chadd. Really loving your gyutos
  7. Some seriously nice knives Chadd.
  8. Really unhappy that I forgot to put this weekend in my calendar so I ended up making other plans.... I hope to see lots of photos from all that could go.
  9. After a successful knife show, I was lucky enough to take out the best kitchen knife award for the largest knife show in Australia, the Sydney Knife Show 2016. I am very happy and here are some pictures of the knives during glamour shots prior to the show.

    The knives I took, were a mix of custom orders which were for show and knives for sale. I am happy to report back I was fortunate enough to sell all available knives before lunch on the second day.

    I took:
    2 x 150mm S35VN Petty Gyutos with Faux Ivory and Ebony Handles.
    1 x 150mm S35VN Petty Full tang Gyuto with carbon fibre handle and custom tristone blades pin.
    1 x 150mm AEBL Mirror Polished Honesuki gyuto with Faux Ivory and Amboyna Burl handle
    1 x 210mm RWL34 Mirror Polished Gyuto with Faux ivory, SS, Pink Rhodonite stone and pink ivory wood in a D shape handle.
    1 x 195mm x 53mm SG2 San Mai Gyuto with a Black buffalo, copper and Snakewood D shaped handle (Won best kitchen knife award)
    1 x 210mm RWL34 Gyuto 1500grit polish with a Black Buffalo, SS and Ringed gidgee semi-octagonal handle.
    1 x 255mm Masamoto KS profile SG2 san mai 1500grit polished blade with Camatillo and bocote right D shape handle.
    1 x 250mm Masamoto KS Profile RWL34 1500grit blade with Black buffalo, SS and California Buckeye Burl Handle right D shape
    1 x 245mm RWL34 Mirror Polished Gyuto with Black buffalo, SS and Snakewood Semi-octagonal handle.
    1 x 210mm AEBL 600 Grit Gyuto with Black buffalo, copper and Amboyna Burl right D shaped handle.

    I will upload individual pictures following on from here and in their own threads.

    Thanks for looking
    DSC_0054.JPG DSC_0059.JPG
  10. Here is the 210mm AEBL Gytuo with Buffalo Horn and Amboyna Burl Handle. As with most of my knives, I mirror polish the heel as my signature "attention to detail" approach. 600grit satin finish.
    DSC_0001.JPG DSC_0005.JPG DSC_0013.JPG DSC_0023.JPG DSC_0027.JPG DSC_0029.JPG
  11. Here is a 150mm S35VN full tang petty with carbon fibre handle. This was originally designed as part of a set of knives comprising of this petty, a paring and a 245mm Full tang gyuto in AEBL or RWL34 however was unable to complete it before the show. I will finish the 245mm Gyuto later on.

    DSC_0035.JPG DSC_0037.JPG DSC_0041.JPG DSC_0042.JPG DSC_0049.JPG
  12. This blade here is a Super Gold 2 San Mai gyuto at 195mm long. Handle is Horn, snakewood and copper and won best kitchen knife of the Sydney Knife show 2016. Very happy and honored to win considering the stiff competition.

    DSC_1231.JPG DSC_1233.JPG DSC_1241.JPG DSC_1243.JPG DSC_1245.JPG
  13. 245mm RWL34 Mirror Polished Gyuto with Buffalo SS and Snakewood Semi-Octagonal Handle.

    DSC_1246.JPG DSC_1249.JPG DSC_1250.JPG DSC_1251.JPG DSC_1255.JPG DSC_1258.JPG DSC_1260.JPG DSC_1262.JPG
  14. XooMG

    XooMG Founding Member

    Congrats on a good showing. I just ordered a readymade knife from someone else and then was struck by the thought, "man, I probably should just order one from Chadd or something". I guess that is a compliment.
  15. Toothpick

    Toothpick #2 since day #1 Founding Member

  16. Cheers, I think you should order one too :p

    More hand work than I want to admit goes into making a blade so flawlessly mirror finished. Hence why only two knives had the finish. I do like a satin finish though so it is really a preference issue.

    Thanks for the comments gents.
  17. This is a custom order for another member on the forums who's knife I had yet to make the matching bocote saya for. I took it as a display piece to show off the SG2 core san mai 255mm Masamoto KS profile blade and rare camatillo handle with bocote accents.

    DSC_1282.JPG DSC_1283.JPG DSC_1284.JPG DSC_1290.JPG

    Attached Files:

  18. This is a knife I dubbed the "Wife knife" which was designed in accordance with a request from my wife to give the ladies a knife they could call their own. As such the blade was a 210mm RWL34 Mirror Polished gyuto with a faux ivory ferrule, SS, Rhodonite and pink ivory handle.

    DSC_1295.JPG DSC_1296.JPG DSC_1298.JPG DSC_1300.JPG DSC_1304.JPG DSC_1308.JPG DSC_1309.JPG DSC_1312.JPG
  19. This here is an RWL34 Masamoto KS profile blade at 250mm long. The handle is black buffalo, ss and california buckeye burl in a right handed D shape.

    DSC_1317.JPG DSC_1320.JPG DSC_1323.JPG DSC_1339.JPG DSC_1340.JPG DSC_1344.JPG
  20. Here are two S35VN pettys with ebony and Faux Ivory handles. 600grit satin finish on the blades.

    DSC_1345.JPG DSC_1346.JPG DSC_1347.JPG DSC_1353.JPG DSC_1362.JPG

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