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Tristone Bladesmithing WIP Cont'd

Discussion in 'Tristone Bladesmithing' started by Chadd Smith, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. This one is an AEBL Gyuto at 62HRC tested, mirror polished. Ancient red gum, copper blonde buffalo horn and copper handle.

    The edge at the heel is actually straight, for some reason it looks like it has a hollow in that picture, not sure what's going on there.

    20151030_215036_002.jpg 20151030_215156.jpg
  2. 245mm Gyuto at 62HRC, Brigalow burl (I know it is unbelievable) and African blackwood D shaped handle. Asymmetric grind for right handed person. 20151030_215352.jpg 20151030_215417.jpg 20151030_220003.jpg
  3. 245mm CPM154CM Gyuto at 61HRC, symmetric grind. Yarran and Ancient Red Gum handle. Right handed D shape.

    20151030_221130.jpg 20151030_221311.jpg
  4. Forged 52100 gyuto at 60HRC. G10, 416ss, nickle and brown mallee handle. This one is already sold. 20151030_221525.jpg 20151030_221546.jpg 20151030_221507.jpg
  5. 230mm S35VN at 60hrc. Camatillo and ancient red gum handle. This one is sold. 20151030_221631.jpg 20151030_221647_001.jpg
  6. 230mm RWL34 at 63HRC. Camatillo, African blackwood and nickle handle. This is the blade that was recently tested by Executive Chef Mert Tansu in his professional kitchen and upon return was mirror polished and re handled.

    20151030_215822.jpg 20151030_215903_001.jpg 20151030_215822.jpg
  7. 210mm Nilox gyuto at 62hrc. African Blackwood and buckeye burl handle. Right handed D shape.

    20151030_220558.jpg 20151030_220531.jpg 20151030_220546.jpg
  8. 210mm Nilox gyuto at 62hrc. African Blackwood, nickle silver accents and ringed gidgee handle. 20151030_221753.jpg 20151030_221815.jpg 20151030_221836.jpg
  9. All of these looks amazing, that "hotel lighting" (if I'm not mistaken) is pretty damn good actually!

    Favorites have to be the Western and the Buckeye Burl!
  10. bieniek

    bieniek Founding Member

    Chadd, Great looking knives.

    However. imho, you should shift your focus from picturing handles to picturing heel shots and recording vidoes of the knives in action.
    At the end of the day, the forum is for the knife nuts.
  11. Do you mean choil shots? I have choil shots for most of these knives and will post them later, these were done hastily by another knife maker when I was removing finger last night before the show.

    I'll see if i can get some videos of customers using them at the show today, I bought a brand new knife from the shops today (standard knife nothing special) and a big bag of potatoes so people who are serious chefs at the show can make up their own mind.

    I find the easiest way to show someone why my knives are priced how they are is to let the knife do the talking for me. The last two makers at the show who tried one of my knives started giggling to themselves when they made their first cuts.

    To that end I will try get some reaction videos from any chefs that come through the show. I can preach about my own knives all day but so can anyone.

    Thanks for the constrictive feedback I do appreciate it greatly.


  12. Haha. You can just picture the two of them looking at each other giggling like little school kids :D
  13. You are not wrong, I showed a few of the makers at the show who had been making for 30 years, he was very surprised at how the knives performed and is going to send me some free woods to try... It is great for networking too.

    A few people wanted to use your knife as a mirror Ian but gave them a chippy slap. No touchy touchy of the sold knives lol!

    This is the table I was on with another maker of single bevel knives. Beautiful Hamons on his work, goes by the name james oatley. 20151031_162818.jpg
  14. Haha good work:D
    Congats on the tableware. Looks excellent
  15. just a curious question but ballpark what do you charge for one of these badboys?
    feel free to send as a pm
    btw i like your logo.
  16. pleue

    pleue Founding Member

    I as well would love to know what's available and at what price
  17. G'day guys all of the knives bar the copper bolster knife, CPM154CM 245mm Gyuto at 61HRC and the S35VN 245mm Gyuto at 61HRC are sold. Those two knives are for sale at $570USD shipped and insured internationally from Australia.

    Thanks for the comments and interest gents. Feel free to send me a PM about the knives with any questions. I will upload some choil shots later this afternoon if I am still awake.


  18. Sounds like you had successful outing at the knife show!
  19. A couple of pictures of choil shots for those who requested them.

    The yarran handle cpm154cm blade is a symmetric ground blade, the African blackwood s35vn is asymmetric ground for right hand use.

    I will use these blades, likely the African blackwood as a pass around blade of it is not sold prior.



    20151103_101028.jpg 20151103_101007.jpg 20151103_100926.jpg 20151103_100541.jpg 20151103_100606.jpg
  20. V1P

    V1P Founding Member

    Chadd, I am in Perth WA. Would be interested in trying your passaround, if you are organising one in Australia.


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