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To cheer my girlfriend up...

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Knife' started by roaduck, Oct 29, 2023.

  1. My girlfriend gets the blues in the Winter so I tell her jokes and daft anecdotes and put lots of herbs and spices in dishes.
    Plus I make her basil, lavender, lemon and chamomile tea etc.
    Also I put essential oils in the bath and massage her to sleep which help her a lot and she has not needed tablets since meeting me which I`m very chuffed about.

    I got the big English industrial scissors for her dressmaking, tailoring and upholstery - she helps the homeless in many ways and I do my best to cook for them.
    Because she`s lovely and helps me and others so much I got her some off the shelf Asian knives tonight.
    For her they have to be Japanese or Thai, Chinese Malay etc and Far Eastern shaped and must be stainless.

    So...I got her 4 all stainless ones to add to these Chinese stainless ones which aren`t bad but are not top of the range as we`re doing the house up and funds are not unlimited at the moment.
    The two bottom 8 inch caidao`s are Shibazi brand and are not bad - used by millions of Asian and Western chefs Worldwide.

    The three knives with the dimpled handles are Chinese Mikale brand and they remind of a well-known knife brand haha!
    They are made of German 4116 steel and are better than average and good value for money at less than £20 all inc.
    The santoku weighs 175 grams which is a respectable weight all things considered; the handles of all 3 are not hollow.
    Early next week these four are arriving; hope she likes `em, they`re a surprise.
    The top one is a 5 inch serrated and the other 3 are a set.
  2. Wagner the Wehrwolf

    Wagner the Wehrwolf Founding Member

    I knew a guy at work that used just one Chinese like that. I couldn't get my head around that. Just felt wrong in my hand. You are hands down the King of "Cheap" Knives!.
  3. Yep you`re right Wagner the Wehrwolf - I don`t need expensive knives.
    To me, knife geometry and knife skills are more important than fancy steels.
    Living in China for years I just got used to using a really cheap Chinese chef knife / caidao (less than $20) for most cutting jobs in the kitch and cooking outside.

    I buy nice Japanese and Asian knives for my girlfriend - I don`t need `em.

    The four Global knives are coming today and she doesn`t even know that they`re due.
    I`m sure she`ll love `em when she comes home from work.

    To save me time and effort on the stones sharpening friend`s and neighbour`s knives I treated myself to a little Tormek T-1 which is also coming today.


    I sharpen between 20-50 knives for professional chefs a week and getting this will help a lot because my arthritis gets worse in the Winter.
  4. I want to teach my girlfriend how to use the Tormek T-1 electric bench knife sharpener and she does not do sharpening at all !

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