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The pizza thread

Discussion in 'Food and Drink' started by apicius9, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. chefcomesback

    chefcomesback Founding Member

    I would eat that Stefan
  2. Mrmnms

    Mrmnms Founding Member Gold Contributor

    I can use a good gluten free option. Looks excellent. Stephan looks like he's nailed it too.
  3. apicius9

    apicius9 Founding Member

    image.jpg Ahi poke pizza - pretty sure you haven't seen that before ;) A bit sloppy bjt I'm getting there. Also made one Margherita and one with roasted peppers, smoked ham and onions, but my housmates ripped it out of my hands before I could take pictures...

  4. Toothpick

    Toothpick #2 since day #1 Founding Member

    Ok I'll play along. We did sausage, onions, olives, peppers, and cheese. Not a homemade crust but the pizza was by far better than anything I've ate here in TN. You know it's good when you can smell every ingredient. Not like those other pizzas where you only smell grease and pizza sauce.

    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1422668418.771162.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1422668430.477532.jpg
  5. MattS

    MattS Founding Member

    Hmmmm, bacon.
  6. apicius9

    apicius9 Founding Member


    New Boardsmith baking and pizza board - going all the way in;)

  7. daveb

    daveb Founding Member

    You gots to make a knife handle (or three) to compliment these. And then of course you'll need knives to put them on...
  8. apicius9

    apicius9 Founding Member

    Of course, I could use a really long pizza cutter knife :) The boards are walnut and cherry, too nice to knead dough on them... The baking board is reversible and cut so that it covers the stove and that way creates extra work surface.

  9. Brad Gibson

    Brad Gibson Founding Member

    this should work nicely stefan!

  10. apicius9

    apicius9 Founding Member

    I was using the mighty 270 Watanabe gyuto so far, but this pig sticker would also just go through a pizza like nothing, I expect. I'll put it on the list :)

  11. apathetic

    apathetic Founding Member

    I had a pizza party last week testing my new baking steel but could only get these 2 pics on time:

    1.jpg 2.jpg

    I am very impressed by how much the dough rose. I tried making a focaccia but it ended up looking like a huge balloon before I deflated it. Anybody tested it out?

    Also tried to make a calzone but the top part was too thick, will have to try again :D

    It was also my first time making the dough from a poolish and I am really impressed by how elastic the dough became. I also found the dough to taste better after a second day of rest.
  12. Lucretia

    Lucretia Founding Member

    Those are really looking good!
  13. apicius9

    apicius9 Founding Member

    Oh no, today is national pizza day and I missed it...

  14. apathetic

    apathetic Founding Member

    Thanks! I think my oven goes quite high in temperature. I used the grill function at max temp :)
  15. Lucretia

    Lucretia Founding Member

    And of course, there's the "I don't have the time to make dough and I'm dying for pizza" made on a tortilla version:

  16. Hi Guys,

    I you are looking for a baking steel you will get it here: baking steel.de
    Stefan if you are looking for a bakingsteel you will find it here: bakingsteel.de
  17. Kind of a hybrid. Made a 'Cuban' pizza, based on a Cuban sandwich.

    Dough with mustard (yes, mustard):


    Add ham and slow roasted pork shoulder..


    shredded Gruyere and mozzarella




    Result was delicious.

  18. Toothpick

    Toothpick #2 since day #1 Founding Member

  19. Lucretia

    Lucretia Founding Member

    What a great idea! Looks really good.
  20. Mrmnms

    Mrmnms Founding Member Gold Contributor

    Dang Neil, that sounds and looks outrageous!

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