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SWMBO bought me a knife

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Knife' started by turtle, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. turtle

    turtle Founding Member

    The wife was reading the new Deaver novel and it talked about knives so she got all hyped about them and bought me this.......

    Shun 7 1/2" Sumo Santoku DM0762

    Is this a "pedestrian" knife or is it nice? I have not bought a knife in decades and "thought" I had all I would ever use so stopped looking long ago...

  2. Christopher

    Christopher Founding Member

    I personally think it's a nice knife. They're mainstream knives and some don't like the grinds or shapes. I'd be perfectly happy with shuns. Nice knife, let us know how you like it
  3. James

    James smarter then your average duck Founding Member Gold Contributor

    I believe shun makes a good product, but prices a bit high as they are a mainstream names with guys like Alton Brown behind them. But I dont hear much bad about their quality, id be happy if the cat came home with that for me lol

    Enjoy the heck out of it
  4. Wagner the Wehrwolf

    Wagner the Wehrwolf Founding Member

    Of course it's a nice knife. Walmart doesn't sell it. Is it a really good knife? No. Is it a really really good knife? No. Is it a great knife? No. Could it meet your needs and you be happy with it? Sure! Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. ;)
  5. Chuckles

    Chuckles Founding Member

    It is a very nice pic to be sure. Some things are a bit out of my control. I don't really like eggplant or shuns. It's nothing personal. I would be stoked if my wife gave me a knife. Take it as encouragement as you head down the rabbit hole.
  6. John Fout

    John Fout Founding Member

    I hope you love it so much you want to sell off some of those 10 and 12" Sabatiers you have forgotten about in a drawer and have never or rarely used ;)

    Shuns are fun. There are a great gateway knife into J-Knives.
  7. Jim

    Jim Old Curmudgeon Founding Member

  8. gavination

    gavination Founding Member

    It's a great knife because it was a gift! She's a keeper!
  9. cclin

    cclin Founding Member

    most important is how do you feel about the knife, does it working well with you cutting style? Shun sumo santoku has very unique profile, extra width and weight make it very useful utility knife, very good F/F & Double Hollow-Ground working very well for food release! Special profile make it very unique knife. I love mine, I still use it everyday; even thought, I've many more expensive knives.
  10. skiajl6297

    skiajl6297 Founding Member

    The only bad thing I have experienced with shuns is chippy steel. My experience is limited to two knives, both low end/entry stuff. Those guys take a wicked edge, and then chip like its their jobs. But they sharpen easily. IMHO Shuns are great knives to own particularly if you want to learn how to freehand sharpen and practice somewhat frequently! (I still own one for just such a purpose). Enjoy it and tell us how you like it!
  11. cclin

    cclin Founding Member

    you need put micro bevel on both side
  12. Bill Farrell

    Bill Farrell Founding Member

    I don't own any Shuns, but I've sharpened a few for friends. They're a little heavy for me, but the fit and finish are impeccable.
  13. turtle

    turtle Founding Member

    The wife came back from the post office a little while ago and handed me a package saying your "present" is here.

    The package seemed a little large and heavy for a knife so I commented "very well packed, I'm impressed"

    When I opened it, it was NOT a knife but it was..........

    Last edited: Feb 28, 2014
  14. turtle

    turtle Founding Member

    Not only did she get me the Shun 7 1/2" Sumo Santoku DM0762 she showed to me online.

    She got me a second Shun. A Kaji KDM-0004 7" Santoku Knife

    I feel like an adolescent again hugging my first love. I WUVE my wife, she is so good to me
  15. John Fout

    John Fout Founding Member

    She is a keeper! :)

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