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Stone progression for thinning

Discussion in 'Sharpening forum' started by MattS, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. MattS

    MattS Founding Member

    I am undertaking a big thinning project. I started with the pink brink, which I think is 220 grit. My next stone in my progression is a 1k. Is it feasible to remove the 220 grit scratch pattern with the 1k, or do I need another sub 1k stone?
  2. This can depend on the 1k in question. In general, you should be able to do it, but in many cases you will save time on the 1k as well as the lifetime of your 1k stone by having something in between to help bridge the gap in scratch patterns
  3. Just like Foody said, I've done that jump using Watanabe's 220 and 1K but maybe a stone in the middle would save time, so I'm getting a 500 shapton to see how that goes next time. Watanabe's 1K is hard to beat for speed.
  4. MattS

    MattS Founding Member

    Did not know Watanabe had his own synthetics. I have the S.Pro 1k and the S.Glass 1k. The pro is more aggressive, may actually be more of an 800 than a 1k.
  5. I have one of Watanabe's 2k stones. It is splash and go and crazy fast. It has pretty much replaced my king 1k. I plan on picking up one of his 1k stones next time I order something from him. I can go from a Shapton glass 500 to the AI2K when thinning no problem.
  6. there are many techniques to manipulate the look of the polish you can get from a 220 water stone. if you go dry and a very flat stone for example, the swarf will clog up the stone just enough to make more shallow polishing cuts on the 220. you can manage more or less water until you go full dry and fully clogged. then when you are done polishing you just lap the 220 stone with any stone bigger or smaller, it does not matter. it is not hard to get the 220 back into shape with a few passes of the lapping stone.

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