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Discussion in 'Shop Talk' started by Mario Ingoglia, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. Who makes a quality stencil for makers mark?....The last batch I purchased wore out quickly.
  2. Have you tried TUS tech?
  3. I will call them today
  4. I'd be interested in hearing your experiences Mario. I've had trouble in the past. I was told to store the stencils inside the pages of a book to protect them.
    That seems to be working out ok. I find they do get cracks over time. Not sure if the material gets brittle from the heat generated in using them or what.
    I can post pics of mine if interested, the cracking...
  5. After how much time have you noticed that?

    I know that it has a limited number of etchings, about 5000 with a professional etcher but far less with a homemade one.

    Do you wash it with water after use?
  6. Dave Martell

    Dave Martell Professional Craftsman Founding Member

    I use a stencil once (yes - 1 time) only. I hate how they get all boogered up and it drives me nuts messing with them when they're like that. I figure the cost of a stencil as a consumable, one for each knife.

    I buy them from Ernie Grospitch
  7. Hey Ellade, I do wash them lightly with dish soap and water and then gently dry and put back in the book.
    I probably get 5 or 6 blades out of each one, then I start to see cracks and that's it. Not like some folks who seem to get 50 etches out of one.
    But I probably burn mine too deep or something, but I like it that way. :)

    Interesting Dave, that you just toss one after use. They aren't that expensive I guess.
  8. In Italy there's only one stencil dealer, so about every Italian knifemaker buy from him.
    It costs 20€ (about 23 dollars) and i know someone who use it for years.
    I don't know if it's the same material of yours...

    Someone told me that the stencil's lifetime is shorter if you use it for engraving instead of simple etching, at this time I've used it for about 10 etchings and 3 engravings and it's still perfect!

    I use a specific etching solution and wash it only with water.
  9. Good info Ellade. What is engraving vs. etching? Just a matter of depth?
    I am using a Marking Methods Inc. machine. Has both AC and DC for marking - etching.
  10. Dave Martell

    Dave Martell Professional Craftsman Founding Member

  11. Sorry Mark, I've made some confusion with the terms...:(

    I meant that when you use a stencil for etching (not engraving) it will ruin faster than a stencil used for marking (not etching).

    With my home-made marker-etcher it takes about 5 secs for marking and about 2 mins for etching.
  12. That is different than my routine I think. I just do about a dozen 3 second presses, first for etching, then for marking.
    I haven't experimented a great deal with it though.
  13. butch

    butch Founding Member

    ive been using IMG for stencels they last longer if you dont over heat them and also helps to keep them out of sunlight i get 20 or more marks easy per stencel

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