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Now I think Ceramic Knives are Useless

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Knife' started by roaduck, Mar 21, 2023.

  1. You guys know better than me !!!

    I`ve radically revised my opinion of ceramic knives after receiving four for Christmas presents.
    After only weeks and perhaps 20 light, careful uses of 4 cheap Chinese ceramic knives all of them developed tiny and medium sized chips in all the blades.
    You can`t feel them with a fingernail or see them with a naked eye but they are definitely there.
    I inspected them all with a 60x microscope and was horrified to see the damage !
    I am not using any ceramics for food use again ; they`re dangerously brittle.
    I thought they`d last longer than that; a mere few weeks !

    It`s steel only knives for me now - I`m not eating super hard glass.

    Well - you live and learn - I had no experience of ceramic knives - Now I Have !
    Obviously the technology is not that mature yet.

    That`s why the armed forces, preppers, butchers and chefs etc don`t use ceramic knives.
    I am not even going to bother with the Swiss-made Hic - ( High Impact Ceramic ) Rahven knives - more broken glass in your dinner ! So that`s a No from me.

    I would show you pictures but my phone macro setting is not good enough to show the chips but believe me - I saw lots of little chips in all four blades so they are being used as utility knives then eventually they`ll all go in the bin.
  2. Wagner the Wehrwolf

    Wagner the Wehrwolf Founding Member

    This Rahven is new to me. I think I might gamble on that.
  3. Mmm the Hic-Rahven knives look interesting but the`re a pig to sharpen that takes ages apparently with diamond film on a mouse-mat or something I saw in a video.
    So no fast easy maintenance, little chips still come off in normal use and they need to go back to the factory for decent performance like Kyocera ceramics.
    They have mega edge retention but too many cons for not enough pros for me.
    Spyderco will be doing a test run of Elastic Ceramic mule knives but they`re not for the kitchen.

    I was looking at Japanese Hokiyama Sakon+ titanium carbide knives but they`re very expensive and have to go back to the factory for maintenance and they`re really an unknown quantity.

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