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New YouTube Videos

Discussion in 'Japanese Knife Imports' started by JBroida, May 16, 2014.

  1. JBroida

    JBroida Founding Member

    Check out our newest video on preparing carbon steel knives for use, general maintenance, and storage... hope this helps you guys out. More videos currently being uploaded ;)

  2. JBroida

    JBroida Founding Member

    for what its worth, my videos are taking forever to load now that our new store doesnt have verizon fios and i'm stuck with time warner cable :(

    Here's what we shot today:
    -The video you saw in my first post
    -A long-ish video overview of common steels used in japanese kitchen knives
    -A video on our new gesshin kagekiyo wa-pettys and sujihikis (and a bit about what we do with our gesshin products)
    -A video on stropping and burr removal

    A long time ago, i had a thread/list of videos i was going to try to do. I know there are many videos i want to re-do from our library, but if you guys have things you'd like to see, post here and let me know.

  3. JBroida

    JBroida Founding Member

  4. JBroida

    JBroida Founding Member

    Here's another new video... this one is about some of the new specialty items we added to our gesshin stainless line... Hope you enjoy.

  5. JBroida

    JBroida Founding Member

    One more... this time, a primer on steels.
  6. JBroida

    JBroida Founding Member

    Another new video... this one is on stropping and deburring
  7. JBroida

    JBroida Founding Member

    Keeping with our tradition as of late... another video. This time, we're covering the use of rust erasers. Enjoy.

  8. JBroida

    JBroida Founding Member

    One last video for the time being... this is a quick one of what one should be thinking about when choosing a knife. Hope you guys enjoy it.

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