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New York City Custom Knife show

Discussion in 'Get togethers, Tastings, Restaurant Openings, Etc' started by Jim, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. Jim

    Jim Old Curmudgeon Founding Member


    2017 NYCKS Exhibitor List
    Dates & Hours
    Friday - November 10, 2017

    11:00 am - VIP Pass and Guild Member Entrance

    1:00 pm - Collector Pass and Day Pass Entrance

    6:00 pm - Show Closes

    Saturday - November 11, 2017
    10:00 am - Show Opens to All Pass Holders

    6:00 pm - Show Closes

    Westin Jersey City Newport
    479 Washington Blvd.
    Jersey City, NJ 07310

    Hotel Info & Reservations: (201) 626-2900

    NYCKS will be held on the 3rd floor in the Newport Ballroom

    Annandale, Pieter
    ansO, Jens
    Barajas, edison - Sharknivco
    BarajaS, Victor
    Begg, Todd
    Berenji, Sebastijan - Borka Blades
    Bernard, Arno
    Blomerus, Herucus
    Britton, Tim
    Burger, Trevor
    Burkovski, Vladimir
    Burnley, Lucas
    Crawford, Pat & wes
    Cross, Kevin

    Curtiss, David - Curtiss Knives

    Demko, Andrew
    Derr, Herb
    Diskin, Matt
    Douglas, Rob
    Doyle, Patrick
    Dozier, Bob
    Dwyer, Duane
    Elishewitz, Allen
    Emerson Knives

    Esposito, Emmanuel

    Fellhoelter, Brian
    Finnell, Kirt - 7 Hills Blade

    Fogarizzu, Antonio

    Frederick, Aaron
    Gedraitis, Chuck
    Goeckel, greg - Quest Custom Knives
    Gray, John
    HarA, Koji & Dew
    Hinderer, Rick
    Hoback, Jake
    Horton, Jeremy

    Iglesias, Jonas

    Iovito, Curtis - Spartan blades
    Ishida, Noriyuki - Rockstead
    Jenkins, Mitch
    Johnson, RB
    Johnston, Sam

    Kelly, Steven - TiConnector

    Krein, Tom
    Kressler, Dietmar
    Lake, Ron
    Lambert, Kirby
    Lundemo, John - Longship Armoury
    Magnussen, Shane - Scorpion 6
    Manaro, Sal
    Marfione, Anthony
    Martin, RJ
    Matsuno, Kansei
    Muller, George
    Nakayama, Hidetoshi
    Nealy, Bud
    Oeser, Jared
    O'Hare, Sean
    Hiroaki Ohta
    Ouye, keith
    Panchenko, serge
    Parkinson, Matthew
    Pease, WD
    Peña, Enrique
    Prinsloo, Theuns
    Pruyn, Peter - Brothersville Knives
    Rassenti, peter
    Reeve Knives, chris
    Rike Knife
    Rogers, Richard
    Ryan, Steve
    Schanz, Jurgen
    Schoeman, Corrie
    Skiff, Steven
    Solomonik, Eugene - Olamic Tactical
    Smith, Chris
    Strider Customs, Mick
    Swan, Nick
    Takeda, Shosui
    Terzuola, Bob
    Thorburn, Andre
    Tighe, Brian
    Tuch, William
    Van Deventer, JD
    Howard Viele
    Voxnaes, Jesper
    Waters, Glenn
    Watson, Daniel - Angel Sword
    White, Caleb
    Worrell, zach - Monolith Studio Knives
    Zabelina, Natasha
    Zieba, Michael
    Zscherny, Michael

    Clark, Tommy - Blue Ridge Knives
    DeSantis, Lou
    Donato, Michael - KnifePurveyor.com
    Farina, Paul
    Gopp, Olga
    Hall, Bill - Tri-City Custom Knives

    Lopez, Carlos - Knife Treasures

    Maguire, Julie - Arizona Custom Knives
    Mattei / Gentili - Blade Parade
    Reynerson - African Custom Knives
    Shaw, Grazyna - Quintessential Cutlery
    Shindler, Paul - Knife Legends
    Strauss, Mark - Knifeology
    Ukman, Jon - EBossHoss

    Masecraft Supply Co.
    Palagonia, George - AmXINC

    Other Exhibitors
    Cooper, Jim - Sharp by Coop Photography
    Knife Rights
    Knife MAGAZINE
    Stevens, Greg
  2. MattS

    MattS Founding Member

    I don't recognize any of those names as kitchen knife makers. Anyone know if there is a kitchen presence?
  3. Takeda and Jurgen Schanz, probably some more I don't know of.

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