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Need Recipe - Fresh Salsa

Discussion in 'Food and Drink' started by Burl Source, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. Burl Source

    Burl Source Founding Member

    Thank You in advance to anyone who can help.
    I have a lot of tomatoes coming ripe and I want to make some fresh tomato salsa.
    Not looking for a canning recipe. More like something that will go into the refrigerator and get eaten within a few days.

    Do you have a favorite fresh salsa recipe you would be willing to share?
  2. How about adding some of those tomatoes on your site? I'd probably get few unstabilized pieces
  3. Burl Source

    Burl Source Founding Member

    I have some nice striped green zebras that would go well with the indigo blues for a contrast.

    For the recipe, I'd be willing to bet that Lucretia knows of one or two.
  4. Wagner the Wehrwolf

    Wagner the Wehrwolf Founding Member

    My standard recipe at my house.

    ¼ Red Onion
    2 Serrano peppers
    4 Roma tomatoes
    tsp salt
    fresh black pepper
    1 lime

    • Pick enough cilantro leaves to cover the bottom of a 4 cup measuring cup.
    • Chop up ¼ of red onion.
    • Remove stems of peppers (remove seeds if you want less hot) and chop.
    • Add above to food processor (you can use a blender but it will be more pureed).
    • Pulse food processor to dice all ingredients (about 5-8 sec).
    • Scrape down.
    • Remove seeds and “gook” from tomatoes and at least cut into quarters.
    • Add to processor.
    • Add juice of 1 lime.
    • Add tsp of salt (I’m sure you can use less if you want).
    • Add pepper to taste (this is really the hot, not the serranos. I grind it fresh. Original recipe called for 1 teaspoon).
    • Pulse food processor to blend (about 5-8 sec).

    • I cover the bowl of my processor with cilantro leaves, no stems. It’s about the size of a 4 cup measuring cup.
    • If your processor has a smaller bowl than mine. You may have to do batches.
    • Jalapeno peppers can be used instead. I replace 2 serranos with 3 jalapenos. It’s a slightly different flavor.
    • I prefer this recipe without garlic, but have added it once to rave reviews. I used 5 cloves.
    • Grilling or broiling the tomatoes, peppers and/or onion gives a neat smoked flavor.
    • “Regular” tomatoes can be substituted. Still remove the seeds and “gook” or it will be watery.
    • 2-3 canned chipotle peppers (no need to rinse) can be substituted for a nice variation.
  5. Taylor

    Taylor Professional Craftsman Founding Member

    I pretty much use the same ingredients, but I usually don't measure any of the ingredients out. I just start with the tomato, add some onion till it looks good, use one serrano with seeds and all, and some chopped up cilantro. I make it hard for myself though, as I chop everything by hand. Once I have most of the ingredients together in a bowl, I add lime juice, salt, and pepper while tasting to make sure all the flavors are popping. I don't seed the tomatoes anymore either.

    These flavors do go great together, and I'll have to try out your proportions.
  6. If you do take the seeds out for your salsa, you could make tomato relish with the tomato guts :)

    Or just make it anyway. It's what I do when I have an abundance of tomatos. Got a good recipe if your interested.
  7. Although i do agree with most of the stuff Wagner has written, there is one thing i don't:
    No, get a sharp kitchen knife and dice them nicely. :)
  8. Lucretia

    Lucretia Founding Member

    Pretty much the same as everyone else, and just throw things in to taste. Only I like to use scallions instead of onions (don't like hunks of onion in my salsa) and jalepenos instead of serranos--although I might try serranos next time, it sounds good. Everything chopped by hand. Sometimes a splash of red wine vinegar to go with the lime juice. Maybe a little cumin and/or coriander depending on my mood, and sometimes a dash of worchestershire.
  9. Burl Source

    Burl Source Founding Member

    Thank You everyone.
    Last night I just winged it and made a batch by dicing all the ripe cherry tomatoes I had.
    Also added cilantro, green onions and a splash of lemon juice.
    Not quite what I think of as salsa but still tasted good.

    I had some long skinny peppers growing in the garden that I had not labeled with the type.
    Since I am not the type for real hot stuff I cut off the end and put it against my tongue.
    When I quit coughing and I could breath again I took a short section and diced it paper thin and mixed that with the tomatoes.

    I have about 2 dozen more ripe full size tomatoes sitting on the counter, so now with all of you're help I can make a batch the correct way.
  10. Burl Source

    Burl Source Founding Member

    I am very interested in the tomato relish recipe. I'll send a pm in case you don't see this.
    The cherokee purples and the brandywines are starting to ripen now. I thought they might be good ones for relish.
  11. Burl Source

    Burl Source Founding Member

    That is part of why I planted a big garden. So I would have lots of stuff to cut up so I can play with my knives more often.
  12. butch

    butch Founding Member

    i really need to make a nakiri for the house i have been missing it alot in my line up after someone emailed if i had one last year (thought i woudl have made a new one with koa handle by now)
  13. Burl Source

    Burl Source Founding Member

    I agree Butch. This guy gets used quite a bit around here.

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