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need Help.

Discussion in 'Bryan Raquin' started by cassca, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. XooMG

    XooMG Founding Member

    Looking like it will go back to Bryan with limited feedback on my part. Will muck up one bevel with 220 to give him a headache, and maybe carve my name in the handle.

    Sorry for not making a more meaningful contribution!
  2. "and maybe carve my name in the handle."

  3. XooMG

    XooMG Founding Member

    For what little it is worth, I drew out the profile for reference.

    I am confident Bryan can sort out the profile niggle that others have discussed, but I took liberty to draw two subtle-ish changes that would likely produce the desired adjustment with limited material removal.

  4. Mrmnms

    Mrmnms Founding Member Gold Contributor

    I can't speak for Bryan but I would love to see how you treated this after seeing some of the other knives you've posted.
  5. XooMG

    XooMG Founding Member

    Thanks but sorry, Bryan and I decided it was best to just return the knife without my regrinding...it should represent his work rather than mine. Particularly since the knife might be given away in a drawing.
  6. MotoMike

    MotoMike Founding Member

    I like the subtle tweaks you did on the profile Bryan. such little changes seem to transform it.
  7. Spaz

    Spaz Founding Member

    Completely agree. The changes look good from here....:D
  8. Mrmnms

    Mrmnms Founding Member Gold Contributor

    I thought the tip location was fine but like the idea of reshaping the profile on the other side of the flat spot. I think Bryan has the idea by now. Considering recent circumstances, why not an auction for the knife?
  9. hi

    the knife is ready to go , but some guys in france want to try the knif , so if you ar ok , with that, before he go to you....
  10. I think I can safely speak in the name of all the testers to tell you that we are already extremely glad to have had the opportunity to test it. Naturally, this knife should be tested par les français . Moreover, you certainly should consider doing what you feel is the most appropriate with it: auction, selling, keeping it, new PA, lottery... à bientôt!
  11. Is the knife still in the states?
  12. no , he's in france now.
  13. I assume it's not coming back?

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