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need Help.

Discussion in 'Bryan Raquin' started by cassca, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. yes, After me ;-)
  2. pleue

    pleue Founding Member

    I'd love to be part of it if it comes to the us
  3. -Anton
    -and maybe John Fout ...
  4. @MattS : Chop chop chop chop !!! :p
  5. ok, the next one is @Mrmnms .
    i hope MattS enjoyed the knife.
  6. Yes! @MattS, tell us what you though of it!
  7. MattS

    MattS Founding Member

    Sorry guys, getting there. I am getting crushed at work and have not had time to log in. Will post comments shortly, Also will be shipping to mrmnms shortly.
  8. nothing new here ?
  9. @MattS, it was be fun if you can add some comments and let me know if the knife is shipped to the next .
  10. MattS

    MattS Founding Member

    Yes, sorry, still digging out from a backlog.

    Should have some free time tonight.

    Knife left today to Mike. Should be there by Friday.
  11. perfect ! :D

    thank you matt
    and good luck for the work.
  12. MattS

    MattS Founding Member

    Bryan had originally asked for a review on the specific edge retention. I will get to that momentarily, first the knife is dead sexy. It physically appeals to my senses, rustic but refined. The forge finish is well done. I prefer the contrast of the forge finish to the refined edge. The knife originally had what Bryan refered to as a RAW finish. After the first round in the EU the knife headed back to Bryan. I don’t know what he did, but the finish was far better than a raw finish. The contrast between core and cladding was well done. (I did not take pics since I only have a cell camera, hopefully Mike can take some) and there was certainly no pronounced shoulder or bevel that, out of the box, would lead me to think it had any issues on hard produce. The handle is utilitarian, yet it fits the knife perfectly. I can’t imagine ever wanting to replace it

    The edge profile looked the same as when Krassi and Zetieum had it. That said there is still a pronounced shift in the top third of the knife, there is little flow from middle to tip. Hard to explain, the knife can either be used in the top third for more delicate tasks or the knife can be used as normal in the back third, but the transition or push from tip to heel is not smooth making using the knife in a slicing suji fashion more difficult without having to change wrist height with every cut. For me this transition was right where I do 90% of my cutting. It may not be problematic for many, but due to the way I cut could not effectively use that portion of the knife.

    I used the knife for 10 days on all home cooking. The knife cut well most things I threw at it. Horizontal cuts on large red onions were slightly difficult, but passed. Carrots, albeit small ones were not an issue, there was no cracking or wedging. The grind did well on potatoes as there was very little sticking. I was not delicate at all with the knife, in fact, more on purpose I used more force when push cutting. The HT seems good, not too hard to allow chipping, but not so soft that edge retention was sacrificed. If I had to equate the steel feel to anything I feel it is closest to a white in the low 60 HRC. The heel of the knife actually seemed slightly softer than the tip which, IMO, is ideal. The knife required touch up after 2 days. I used a balsa loaded with CO to strop and the edge came back to life. After 5 days I put it to a Shapton Pro 2k followed by a Shap Pro 5k. The steel is easy to sharpen and buttery smooth…really a pleasure to sharpen. I used light pressure since there were no chips to take care of. Knife was hair popping sharp after the 2k.

    With the right edge profile I would have no problem jumping at the chance to own one of Bryan's knives.
  13. Mrmnms

    Mrmnms Founding Member Gold Contributor

    Knife safely arrived. Matt said it arrived without a fresh edge. It was pretty awesome after light stropping. Will give it heavy use for a few days and report back.
  14. thank you for that Mat !

    i think i didn' change anything with the finish :/ i just play with stone

    yeah...i know... i have to think more about that.

    it's THE hard part in knife making i think.

    that the point i am looking for.
    i'am at 63/64HRC here. (I deliberately keep the hardness low, it is simpler for the sharpening, but for me I stay higher, or for those who ask me)
    the steel as the same ( but cleaner ) than shiro1 .

    that is all i need to read tonight ;-)
    thank you for the feed back.
    i try to work harder on the "wedgy" grind.
  15. @Mrmnms ?

    how is the tip ?
  16. Mrmnms

    Mrmnms Founding Member Gold Contributor

    IMG_0087.JPG All done. This knife was a pleasure. Love the look and feel. With its simple handle, it is a very light weight knife, but feels substantial in hand. It is an easy knife to sharpen. Rather than use it side by side just with taller gyutos, I used it along with some knives with less height at the heel as well, including a knife I have a from Marko Tsourkan just over 40mm tall at the heel, with his s grind, intended to improve food release. It compared very well. Particularly on taller items like fruit and potatoes, the textured surface of this really helps. Just fell through potatoes. I used it with both cold and hot roasts as a slicer. Sliced through a chunk of soft cheddar just to see how the finish responded. It held its own against a bunch of my favorites.
    If the "stale edge " I received from Matt is any indication, ( it was sharp for me , even before It was stropped) it has very good edge retention. I was forced to put the knife to stones due to an unfortunate event I made cassca aware of. I am still seething. The knife is now a few millimeters shorter, the tip not as thin. I leave that for Cassca of for myself down the road. I ground a new tip from the spine and used John Broida's 1k and 6k diamond stones to put on a new edge.
    I expect Cassca with make some minor revisions regarding the tip profile and perhaps the geometry, but I could clearly see this as an everyday knife in many kitchens and homes. The edge held up very well. It stayed sharp after be used for multiple meals, every day for the week. After daily use, just some minor stropping was all it needed. I am sorry the super thin tip is not available to the other testers, but I'm sure you'll enjoy using it as much as I did.
  17. ok ,nice ! thank you for that !
    who's the next ?
  18. John Fout

    John Fout Founding Member

    I can use it but we've dumbed down our menu to not need as much knife work. Most I'm doing now is 4# of mirepoix twice a week.
  19. cheflarge

    cheflarge Founding Member

    I'm in. Will PM address info.

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