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need Help.

Discussion in 'Bryan Raquin' started by cassca, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. how many time you think it's a good deal to keep the knife ?2weeks ? 3 ?
    i would like you have fun with it, in kitchen, not only under the iPhone or the camera :D
  2. MattS

    MattS Founding Member

    I think two weeks is more than enough time.
  3. @Anton: superb pictures.

    @cassca: je pense que XooMG parle de la ligne (profile).

    @XooMG: I think I see what you mean, from the pics it looks like a bit like if you have indeed the 1/3 of the blade flat (from the heel), then you have a cuvre that stops to another flat area at the tip (~15% of the blade). I added some green straight lines along what looks flat on the pics of @Anton, to explain. Is that what you wanted to say @XooMG ?


  4. About time, I am away from October 8 to October 29. It would not be a good time for me to try the knife at this period. All the rest is fine.
  5. XooMG

    XooMG Founding Member

    Yes, that is what I was referring to @zetieum. The visual effect may be less extreme if the tip 2cm had more curve/belly (almost looks like a bird's beak). I am no expert though.

    I agree petrichor is a nice word for anyone who like sharpening with natural stones.
  6. pleue

    pleue Founding Member

    I'd love to jump in as well if you're still having testers. I should be back in the kitchen by them.
  7. Spaz

    Spaz Founding Member

    Bird's beak was the first thing I thought when I saw the edge profile. Did think that the pictures might be exaggerating it though. Was a little less noticeable in Bryan's pictures.
  8. mhhh... :D
    maybe ....
    i think it's hard to find the good balance between a little curve and something mostly straight.
    i want something between gyuto and suji , but without the long curve in front( gytuo) , and the straightness of suji
    @Anton ?
  9. I am interested to try, when the knife is in Europe!!
  10. Before Anton comes back...
    he sent me a video :


  11. it's not realy a passaround, i want some peopole to try the blade and speak about the edge rétention , but I would make a réal passaround after that.
    I would do a raffle at the end of the list for that one.
  12. Knife was packed and sent to Germany earlier today. I had a pretty busy week and couldn't cut much with the knife.

    Unfortunately I can't say much about edge retention. Knife arrived sharp and after a week it was still shaving sharp, so I haven't sharpened it. And I intentionally left the patina as as.

    Core steel doesn't seems to be reactive at all, but the cladding is moderately reactive (less reactive then Kato or Shige, but more reactive compared to 52100).

    Cutting performance is really nice. I especially liked cutting with 1/3 of blade that's closer to the heel (or handle) — that's where it feels that knife just falls through food. Mid-blade and tip area suffers from some minor food stiction.

    Overall it's a well balanced knife that was a pleasure to cut with. I'm looking forward to hear what other people think of it.

  13. Skickat från min iPad med Tapatalk
  14. update ?
  15. Not a lot to say: I follow the traking of the shipement. It was shipped on the 17.09, spend two days at the custom in Russia, and arrived at the customs in Germany yesterday (24.09)... I should receive it in the middle of the week, I think. I will keep you posted, naturally.
  16. thank you Zet' ;-)
  17. After a long long long wait, the knife has finally reached Cologne (the packet has spent some time in German and Russian customs). Unfortunately, I am leaving for my yearly vacations on Saturday. So I passed directly the knife to @Krassi, who is a neighbourgh and who is going to test it until I am back.

    Nevertheless, I gave it a cutting try. I would be premature to have some opinion, but I will still share with you some first feelings. All of that are first feelings and they may change when I have more time playing with the blade:
    - The knife is pleasing to the hand, great equilibrium, easy to manipulate. It manages to confer both opposite felling: agility and robustness. Quite impressive
    - It is pleasing to eye. I find it nicer than in the pictures, which is actually not often the case. The handle is simple but very nice. The structure on the flank of the knife reminds me a bit of the Nashji of Teruyasu Fujiwara, but with some forge remains, and a bit more structure.
    - I tried it on carrots, onions, leeks, tomatoe, potatoes, egg plant, cucumber. Altogether everything went well. I would say it has some wedging on high carrots, but I would have to test more.
    - About the thing we discussed about the knife being in two flat parts: you do not fell it on the board. however, I think the knife would be better without it, at least aesthetically.
    - Transition from the blade road to the kind of shinogi is OK, but could be smoother IMHO. It does not have shoulders, but this could be improved. That may also improve the performance on hard elements.
    - The shinodig is not at the same level on the right and left side. Although I did not fell it with the small cutting experience I had, I think it would be nicer if it was at the same level.
    - Food release seemed OK, but I did not tested it specifically. It will have to wait that I come back.

    Once again this is based on a small cutting round. So I would not rely that much on this. But first feelings can also be meaningful.

    Here is what I plan to do when I am back:
    When I am back, I will try to assess the edge retention in comparison with a Teruyasu Fujiwara and a Carter: those two makers are supposed make great HT (for what it means?) and uses white#1, which would be a good match with the steel of Bryan's blade. I will also test the sharpenability, but I think the opinion of @Krassi will be valuable on that. I would like to do some test of reactivity based on oinions, acidic fruits and blood. And finally, to remove the potential stain before sending it, I will try to see how the blade road responds to natural stones and finger stones.
  18. Hi everybody!

    and thank's for letting me participate in the passaround!
    i got the knife yesterday and will try and compare it to my "laser squadron"

    I would love to give it a touch up wih my ohira Suita Jnats because it could be bit sharper in my opinion.. well ok Carrots are not the best thing for that geometry ;).. but all in all it cuts very good!
    And i LOVE that finish and the whole knife with that simple but functional handle!! if you dondt know what to do with it after the passaround i would give it a nice home ;))

    So first Impression. very good balance, weight. Shape is very nice and similar to my Dalman Gyutohiki. Finish is nearly like the european brother of the Fujiwara Teryasu Nashiji knifes.
    cuts very godd if the stuff is not to hard and the balance is great. The knife feels very solid even that the front area is thin.

    the edges are crazy sharp for me, well i had the same with my fujiwara.. 15 minutes sandpaper and micromeshpads and it felt much better in the hand, but dondt worry i will resist and not do anything to you passaround knife ;)) ! (unless its ok ;) )

    i am in touch with zoze for further testing.. maybe some friends with to many kitchenknifes in our area of cologne will also came and check this out.. the steel is super interesting of course ;))

    seeya, and ill make some photos too, daniel!
  19. :jump:jump
  20. you can do what you want, if i remmener, the handle is not glued.
    and if you can, take photos ;-)

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