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KKFora Strop Giveaway

Discussion in 'Giveaways/Pay It Forward/Win a Knife' started by FinnEdge, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. That's the spirit!!
  2. Currently stropless here too, so I'm in :)
  3. scotchef38

    scotchef38 Founding Member

    I am in ,thanks again:cool1
  4. Count me in, you're far too kind.
  5. cheflarge

    cheflarge Founding Member

    I have one of Ian's Balsa strops and I honestly can tell you every knife I sharpen gets, at least a couple, passes on the strop. I have loaded mine with aluminum oxide polishing compound. Thank you so much for doing this sir, very classy & gracious! :cool1
  6. ok I'm in, as always thanks finn
  7. @cheflarge Kind words chef, thank you. So happy the balsa is serving you well :)
  8. I'm in

    Very generous of you Ian
  9. I'm in. The strops look incredible.
  10. skiajl6297

    skiajl6297 Founding Member

    Count me in please! Thanks for doing this!
  11. BathonUk

    BathonUk Founding Member

    Thanks Ian. Another great giveaway. I am definitely in!!:)
  12. larrybard

    larrybard Founding Member

    Please count me in also! And thank you!
  13. I'd love to test this out so please count me in to. Thank you for such a great opportunity!
  14. This is really great of you. Thank you.
  15. Well, I am fairly new here ... but if I can be in, I would love to be IN!
  16. Nuts63

    Nuts63 Founding Member

    I'm in Thanks Ian

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