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Kitchen Knives

Discussion in 'Knife & Gear Galleries' started by marc4pt0, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. marc4pt0

    marc4pt0 Founding Member

    Just arrived today --- 260mm Damascus clad sujihiki by Mr Andy Billipp

    Again with the crapshoot celly pics

  2. larrybard

    larrybard Founding Member

    Great looking. Congratulations.

    I wouldn't dare speculate that now you might feel you have enough Billipps.
  3. Antonio

    Antonio Founding Member

    that's horrible
  4. New Billip is cray cray... so nice.

    Also just saw the 2 Cris Andersons and those are super nice too...
  5. marc4pt0

    marc4pt0 Founding Member

    Billipp knife family.

    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
  6. internet will break
  7. marc4pt0

    marc4pt0 Founding Member

    Couple Oately knives:

    20171108_103348.jpg 20171108_103305.jpg 20171031_133431.jpg 20171024_082022.jpg 20171024_081842.jpg 20171024_082510.jpg 20171024_082418.jpg
  8. marc4pt0

    marc4pt0 Founding Member

    Here's a couple choil shots. Hard to catch with the cell phone.

    20171108_114932.jpg 20171108_114528.jpg 20171108_114320.jpg
  9. marc4pt0

    marc4pt0 Founding Member

    Yeah, it and the nakiri just love falling through foods. Very happy with these
  10. I'm getting convinced that I NEED an S-grind knife in my life....
  11. marc4pt0

    marc4pt0 Founding Member

    You should do it. It seems to be more difficult to score an Oatley, but if you can, jump on it. Dalman makes a decent one, but in my experience Jame's work is just leaps and bounds better. Especially with this drastic style of S grind.
  12. The wait is not an issue, if I'm going to order my first ever non-Japanese knife, I'd want it to be as good as it can be (accounting for budgetary constraints of course).

    Do you think this is the one to pop my custom-knife-cherry on?
  13. marc4pt0

    marc4pt0 Founding Member

    That's a hard call. If you're looking for this exaggerated S- grind, I'd say Oately. I see other makers using an S-grind as well, or some variation of, and it all confuses me honestly. I'm not 100% sure what constitutes an S-grind these days. Is it using fullering(?), or something else?
    I will say this, James Oately is definitely one to consider.
  14. Thank you.
    I guess as far as a user is concerned, it's a fantastic problem to have: who do I choose to start with from all these great blacksmiths

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