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I'm Confused

Discussion in 'New Member Check-In' started by AFKitchenknifeguy, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Have Pen Will Travel Founding Member

    First bacon and now we have cheese? This place is amazing! Welcome AFK.
  2. JBroida

    JBroida Founding Member

    jason... where in CA?
  3. Living in Vacaville, between Sacramento and San Francisco.
  4. Rick

    Rick aka Pensacola Tiger Founding Member Gold Contributor

    A bit warmer than Colorado, eh?
  5. Quite a bit. I drove the Pacifica highway yesterday (rt 1), and was in Napa/Sonoma the weekend before doing wine tastings. Very comfortable climate.
  6. Rick

    Rick aka Pensacola Tiger Founding Member Gold Contributor

    Napa/Sonoma. That brings back memories of living at Hamilton base housing in Novato when I was stationed on the USS Enterprise in Alameda. Good times. Don't miss walking through Muir Woods.
  7. marc4pt0

    marc4pt0 Founding Member

    Well enjoy sunny CA in the meantime! And good to see you here as well
  8. scotchef38

    scotchef38 Founding Member

  9. apathetic

    apathetic Founding Member

    Good to see you made it here :)
  10. V1P

    V1P Founding Member


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