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If you wanted to treat yourself with 'unreasonable' kitchen gear?

Discussion in 'Food and Drink' started by apathetic, Oct 2, 2015.

  1. apathetic

    apathetic Founding Member

    I knew this thread would deliver :)

    Why does she need such a big one? To do huge baches of stock and similar?

    Oh, yeah, had been looking at those, that is definitely unreasonable and yet would be such a treat :)

    Didn't know about this, looks very nice :)

    I have also looked at the robo-coupe, so many applications for this!

    Wood oven, definitely!! And more space, always more space :D

    @bieniek: what would be the gear you would most want?
  2. Lefty

    Lefty Founding Member

    What kind of grinder do you have, Butch? I've been wanting one for a while.
  3. butch

    butch Founding Member

    cheapo inport hand crank one (my mom does antiques and i have her keeping an eye out for a vintage haand crank one) they have a large table top grinder but to be worth it i woudl have to grind 1 lb at a time
  4. Full commercial dishwasher setup wins hands down for me. Complete with two huge sinks , spray gun & slide in one side slide out the other racks. My dishwasher at home takes over an hour. At work? A little over a minute. It's a no brainer.
  5. Stumblinman

    Stumblinman Founding Member

    Yes I'm with you. I hate home washers that take an hour when commercial takes a minute. Something has to be off. I'm eyeing a dynamic immersion blender for no reason at all. :)
  6. apathetic

    apathetic Founding Member

    With such a difference in efficiency, it doesn't even seem such an unreasonable thing to get at home :eek:

    @Stumblinman: one of the huge ones?
  7. bieniek

    bieniek Founding Member

    Hard to tell if I could just pick one thing it would be more space or space differently put together. One of my walls is almost totally opened so I lack a lot of bench/cupboard space.
    Then I would have a flour space for the bread werks. With flour all over it all of the time.
    Purely equipment wise id have one floor-model ventilated fridges with transparent door, so I could look at my mise en place without opening it. And a second one would be similar style freezer.
  8. Stumblinman

    Stumblinman Founding Member

    Ha no not one of those trolling motors :) just small one. But I've never really needed one. So pretty much there is no reason for it... I did recently purchase some tweezers because they were there. And now a special edition gray kunz... what to do. I have no reason for any of them because I have a wisk, spoons in the drawer and fingers....
  9. apicius9

    apicius9 Founding Member

    Does a larger 2-zone wine fridge count? Other than that, I still have a Vitamix and a vacuum sealer on my list. But we are all amateurs. I just talked to a friend in Germany who is extending his seasonal-local-organic catering business and he just invested 250,000 Euros in kitchen gear.

  10. Love this.

    Though I am just waiting until i move house and will build myself a purpose built cellar for my collection
  11. apathetic

    apathetic Founding Member

    Wow, you could do a lot with €250,000... :eek:
  12. I sold my centrifuge and PacoJet this year, and I miss my PacoJet. So, that. And a combi-oven and a walk-in and a house to put them in. That counts, right?

    Stefan, 250k in kitchen gear? Unless that's a large commercial kitchen, I'd love to see what's happening in there.
  13. butch

    butch Founding Member

    you can make smaller things in a big pot but never can you make larger stock in a small pot. last time we made soup to can/freeze it ended up being 38Qt. makes meal plannign a snap and the garden gets a proper save in jars
  14. apathetic

    apathetic Founding Member

    Definitely counts :D
    Were you using your pacojet regularly?
  15. Periodically, yes. I certainly used it more regularly when I was doing dinners or had it in my restaurant, but I definitely used it at home. I would've used to more frequently if I had the patience for my home fridge to fully freeze the canisters. That said, I don't think my home use could've easily justified buying it at retail price.
  16. apathetic

    apathetic Founding Member

    That's the unreasonable part :)
    And that what makes you consider the even more unreasonable blast chiller :D
  17. apicius9

    apicius9 Founding Member

    I may not have been clear enough: Yes, this is a commercial kitchen. My friend started catering organic meals on the side about 15-20 years ago, and now he delivers over 1500 lunches to kindergardens every day, sells meals to stores/bistros, and does event catering on a larger scale - still all organically grown and local products. Business is going well enough that he is expanding and updating his equipment.


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