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If you go by another name on the other site...

Discussion in 'The Off Topic Room' started by Christopher, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. Christopher

    Christopher Founding Member

    I think most everyone already knows you LOL. Your other name, however has already been mentioned here :)
  2. Paradox

    Paradox Founding Member

    I go by Paradox on most forums. If it's a new spot to me and Paradox is taken when I sign up it's EBRguy.
  3. Jay

    Jay No soup for you Founding Member

    Only in glowing terms, I presume. :eek:
  4. Christopher

    Christopher Founding Member

  5. Maximus

    Maximus Founding Member

    Eric on the other. I adopted my German shepherds name, plus I love the movie gladiators
  6. Taylor

    Taylor Professional Craftsman Founding Member

  7. The Assasin

    The Assasin Founding Member

    That would hurt.
  8. Robinw

    Robinw Founding Member

    Same name, lack of fantasy i guess...
  9. Tom

    Tom Founding Member

    TB_london elsewhere
  10. Taz575

    Taz575 Founding Member

    Same name on many knife, gun and fishing forums! I was Tim J on FF before it crashed...
  11. Spaz

    Spaz Founding Member

    Jeff B one and Bahamaroot on another.
  12. Baker_Rat

    Baker_Rat Founding Member

    Most that have seen me elsewhere will know who I am there to here, I'm guessing... Shave_Rat to Baker_Rat isn't much of a stretch to make the connection. lol I'll have to get some sort of skull avatar up over the weekend. :D
  13. apathetic

    apathetic Founding Member

    same name
  14. Crothcipt

    Crothcipt Founding Member

    I use the same name, but I use this avatar on the other one I frequent...[​IMG]
  15. Boris

    Boris Founding Member

    is the avatar ur using here a screenshot of ur wow character??
  16. Crothcipt

    Crothcipt Founding Member

    Its a screen shot of a wow chr. good eye. I need to do some cropping so it looks better.
  17. Burl Source

    Burl Source Founding Member

    I think this would be a good avatar for one of the female members.
  18. James

    James smarter then your average duck Founding Member Gold Contributor

    We do have one female member but she cant use you're avatar as she doesnt believe in you or feed you blueberry bagels, its the other one that does that
  19. Argonaut

    Argonaut People call me French sounding words Founding Member

    For some reason, I don't really care. ;)
  20. apathetic

    apathetic Founding Member

    Makes sense, I don't think that changes your life :D

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