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I bought 4 Global Knives last week and...

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Knife' started by roaduck, Nov 4, 2023.

  1. [​IMG]
    They turned up as a surprise for my girlfriend.She loves them all which is the main thing.
    Personally, I think they`re overhyped, overpriced and ugly.Plus their design is not fully thought through.
    The laser branding is too bold too big and too garish IMHO - it makes them look like budget knives.
    The blades are not perfectly flat and have visible flaws.My Chinese copies are better finished at a 1/35th of the price.
    The small deep dimples in the handles retain liquids, sweat, skin particles and food debris which can only be thoroughly cleaned with a brush or dishwasher which, to me is unhygienic and Global strongly advise against dishwashers but commercial knife sterilisers are de rigueur apparently; how convenient - not.
    Also the grantons (dimples) in the blades are not right to the edge so will cause suction.
    Unlike this genuine Granton knife.
    If they were to the edge they would infringe copyright of Granton knives - making them continuously in Sheffield, England since 1601.The edge of a Granton knife should be wavy not straight.The scallops alternate on both sides of the blade in an asymmetric fashion.
    The original Granton wavy edge was for fast accurate slicing in a carvery or front of shop counter without resorting to an electric slicer.
    Grant and Son knives said that the "Granton Edge" was widely copied but never bettered - for once not an idle boast.The design has been used for nearly a hundred years because it affords unrivalled food release in a commercial or home setting.

    Out of the box sharpness is terrible for mid-range knives; they are below average.
    This new £7 Chinese wonder annihilates all four knives for initial sharpness at the expense of edge retention.I couldn`t believe it but it`s true.
    I can see why a lot of home chefs and pro cooks like them but they`re not my cup of tea.
    So do you always get what you pay for ? In a word - NO
  2. Wagner the Wehrwolf

    Wagner the Wehrwolf Founding Member

    I had long heard about Global being over rated by serious knife people. That said I always wanted to try one at least once. Such a strange shape.

    I don't even know what to think of that Chinese knife. How is it used?
  3. I prefer traditional shaped Japanese ones to the Globals but the misses loves them.
    I lived in China for years so it`s not the same as working there temporarily or going on holiday there.I just copied the locals after a while.
    Now I adore Asian knives and I can work faster and more accurately than with a Wusthof, Dick or Sabatier traditional European chef`s knife.
    Millions of Asian chefs just use a cheapie caidao - for EVERY kitchen job.
    A good 3mm one will go through bone, carve flowers in fruit and veg, butcher, filet, mince, everything.
    The Chinese one is great Wagner it`s a budget steel obviously so it`s soft and doesn`t hold an edge but I`ve got this Tormek T-1 in the corner of the kitch now so it`s not a problem.It takes two ticks to sort out; just gotta set the angle.
    That cheapy one is great for noodles; it`s a like a copy of a Japanese sobakiri.You can put more pressure on it from above.
    Plus I have a diamond #1200 whetstone permanently next to the sink and a 3 grit Sheffield steel so I`m sorted for quick touch ups.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2023

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