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HSC III Knives 15 cm Damascus Petty Passaround

Discussion in 'Passarounds & Loaners' started by Rick, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Rick

    Rick aka Pensacola Tiger Founding Member Gold Contributor


    Recently I had a chance to use a utility/petty by Harbeer Chahal of HSC III Knives, and he asked me to offer it as a passaround to forum members.

    I'll let him introduce himself.

    "I forge Japanese laminated steel and heat treat myself as taught to me by Murray Carter. I've also traveled the country learning from other Masters. Mike Vagnino taught me slipjpint folders and James Rodebacugh taught me handles and guards.

    "I work with high carbon steels only, mostly laminated Hitachi white steel I get from Murray, Damascus Suminagashi from the UK, and 1095, Soon I'll work with 1084."

    The passaround knife is a Western handled 151 x 34 utility/petty made from Takefu Shiro2 clad with 22 layer mild steel suminagashi. The handle is pink ivory with a silicon bronze guard and G-10 frame.


    The usual guidelines apply - keep it a week, sharpen it only if you know what you’re doing, insure it when shipping to the next person on the list. Post in this thread when you get the knife and when you send it to the next person. Harbeer would appreciate any comments or criticism, and you may post about your experience in this thread.

    As before, preference will be given to Site Contributors. You should have a minimum of 50 posts or be known to me.

    PM me or reply in this thread if you're interested.


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