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Gesshin Stone Set now up on the site

Discussion in 'Japanese Knife Imports' started by JBroida, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. JBroida

    JBroida Founding Member

    At the request of many of our customers, we have finally put together a Gesshin Stone Set. This set consists of our Gesshin 400, Gesshin 2000, and Gesshin 6000, and helps save quite a few bucks over buying the stones individually ($200 vs $245). These are the stones i most often recommend to our customers looking for a great set of stones to tackle a wide variety of sharpening situations. You can find the set on our website here:

    From the website description:
    This Gesshin stone set consists of the stones i recommend most often for the most versatility within our Gesshin stone series. Our customers have been asking for a stone set to be put together for quite some time, and so we figured we'd give it a shot. This set will cover both single and double bevel knives well, leave a nice aesthetic finish, cut fast, and work on all steel types that i have tried. These stones work extremely well together and should provide you with a great cutting experience.

    We hope you enjoy our new Gesshin stone set.

    The Gesshin 400 and 2000 are soaking stones, and thus need to be soaked before use. They can be kept in water for extended periods of time if you would like. However, please make sure to change the water from time to time. These stones are ready to use when bubbles stop coming out after soaking. This generally takes about 10 minutes in my experience.

    The Gesshin 6000 is a splash and go stone. This one is resinoid based, and thus should either be used solely as a splash and go stone or solely as a permanently soaked stone. Repeated soaking and drying of these types of stones tends to cause cracking in the long run.




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