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Few spots remaining for 2016 for custom orders

Discussion in 'Tansu Knives' started by chefcomesback, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. chefcomesback

    chefcomesback Founding Member

    Hi everyone ,
    Just wanted to let you know i had few spots opened for customs list for 2016 delivery , books are still open beyond that.
    I had couple people that i havent taken deposit stopped responding to pms's regarding their finished blades and still managed to show some action at "show your newest buy " section at other forums , i will take that as its the next persons turn at the list . Except few orders where difficult tecniques required ( stainless to carbon san mai and integrals ) i have been able to meet or beat my deadlines and i am being very cautious not to bite any more thn what i can chew. I would like to remind everyone that i still make knives part time just to be able to fund my new shop equipment vs charging as my primary income and had to adjust the prices for carbon blades i forge due to the time it takes vs stock removal monosteel stainless . I have a powerhammer comimg this week or so , it will allow me to make my own damacus in house along with my san mai but with the busy season approaching at work the affects will be only moderate i assume
    I still offer money back warranty for customs within 2 days of receiving and using them if not satisfied , and offer lifetime maintenace as long as shipping is covered . I will happily cover the shipping if a modiciation or maintenace is required due to my fault at making it , at the end ; one size , one steel one profile and grind doesnt fit all and i would do my best to make sure its a full custom that its fitted best yo your needs , not a semi production knife . Just let me know if you have any questions and pm if you to be on the list for this years deliveries before it fills out
    Best Regards
  2. Great news to hear Mert... just wish I was in a place to jump on an order

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