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Epoxy for Handles

Discussion in 'Shop Talk' started by Alex Armstrong, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. Hi all you re-handlers. I'm rehandling an old sabatier I got from my parents and i am just interested to know what epoxy/adhesive you guys use for gluing scales on.
  2. HHH Knives

    HHH Knives Founding Member

    J flex. By West Systems
  3. I literally ordered the cheapest stuff I could get on Amazon. Jb weld and it worked great. Dries gray.
  4. MattS

    MattS Founding Member

    I think you mean G Flex :). But I agree, G Flex all the way. I have tried many/most and it is the only one I readily trust where heavy use and potential torq come into play.
  5. Dave Martell

    Dave Martell Professional Craftsman Founding Member

    Matt's to blame for my conversion to G-flex and I'll forever be grateful to him for this. :cool1
  6. HHH Knives

    HHH Knives Founding Member

    Hmm, I guess I did mean G flex But J flex is just as much fun to say! :D

    I started using West systems epoxy about 8 years ago after Craig Stevens told me about his experiences with it and found it to work great. Then the J flex stuff hit the market and I gave iot a go and found it to be amazing..

    Sure you can use any epoxy, cheap or otherwise. You can also use Jb weld. All will work for the application of handles. But on a western. I would not suggest it Unless you plan to use secondary mechanical fasteners like Corby bolts or Loveless bolts etc... You also can cut a onion with a bread knife but its not the same as using a nice gyuto. ;) Just my 2 cents for what its worth!
  7. Lefty

    Lefty Founding Member

    I use G-Flex, after Kramer told me to start using it. Or was it Rader...? Either way, it's all I use now, and despite my strange fear of a handle letting go somewhere, I have had no complaints, yet.

    I've also used JB Weld, and in my "destruction tests" it did really, really well.
  8. Thanks guys. Have some g flex ordered and on its way.
  9. Dave Martell

    Dave Martell Professional Craftsman Founding Member

    G flex is the only epoxy I haven't been able to make fail, the only one that fixes oily woods to anything....for good, and it pours when it's cold - what's not to love? :)

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