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Discussion in 'Food and Drink' started by Rami, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. My wife who is 4.5 month pregnant have invited her old uni friends this Sunday. They are all been to France so I am thinking of creating a french feast for her.

    Current plan.
    Entree: not sure. ( I can make sous vide ribs and some sort of sauce.
    Main: I am thinking of doing rabbit in white wine. But no rabbit to be found anywhere apparently there is massive shortage in nsw
    Doing the same recipe with chicken

    Dessert: I made a good batch of creme burlee Last week. want to try soufflé but my trial run ended badly. May do both.

    Friday night: put ribs in sous vide
    Saturday: clean house, shop for stuff. Make creme burlee
    Sunday 2 hours beforehand whip eggs keep wrapped in fridge. Do the chicken.

    Any idea tips or tricks let me know. Oh would like to make the night a success for my wife. ( at least as thank you for her tolerance of my knife addiction :) )
  2. So - at the risk of making more work for you (although I suggest many make ahead options) I would suggest four course if you're shooting for a classic French dinner. You could start with a soup or seafood. A classic soup, like a vichy, is easy to make and can be done ahead. Another great starter is Coquilles St-Jacques, which although it has to be broiled right before serving - much can be made ahead. Next, do your main.....the sous vide short ribs would be great. Next a salad. You could go classic french with frisee, bacon lardons, croutons....and if you really wanted to go over the top, a sous vide egg, although egg on a salad is really more of a cafe/lunch time thing in France. Then dessert. Creme Brulee, and especially souffle need your attention - not great if you're the only cook. You might be able to prep your base and whites say 90 minutes before baking, but that's a little unrealistic for a dinner party. How about chocolate mousse? You can make it 100% ahead of time but it still feels like an indulgent desert. Just some thoughts. I'd be happy to PM you recipes for anything I've mentioned.

    If your guests are friends, and going to come for a period of time before dinner, you might want something to go with wine or cocktails while you make dinner. Keeping with your French theme, you could make a chicken liver or pork pate. Again, something you can make 100% ahead of time. You're wife will be asking you to buy more knives!!
  3. Send me recipes for everything. I have time and inclinations.
  4. I love the 4 course traditional menu idea. Ok, did a bit of research. As it's winter here I would like to stick to winter dishes. So,

    Chicken terrine
    Soup: chestnut soup
    Entree: ??
    Main: short ribs or chicken in white wine.
    Dessert: creme brûlée

    Happy to change or refine
  5. Chicken liver terrine.

    Just found out she can't have any :$
  6. I meant pate. Not terrine
  7. chefcomesback

    chefcomesback Founding Member

    Rami ,
    I will give you the recipe of my duck liver and truffle parfait , I am too visual and lazy too explain over the keyboard , remind me at the gathering please
  8. Spaz

    Spaz Founding Member

    Can't add anything relevant to this conversation except to say you a good man Rami, hope your meal goes well!
  9. thanks every thing went really well. they had fun.

    that sound amazing, will take you up on it.

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