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English Savernake 8 inch chef`s

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Knife' started by roaduck, Nov 15, 2023.

  1. My poor hard-working brother only has a couple of dullsville Arizona knives so to cheer him up, I got him this :
    An English Savernake DNA 24 Range - DC 21 8 inch chef`s knife in British Sheffield SF100 steel at HRC-60 with an ergonomic denim/white micarta handle.
    It is handmade in Wiltshire, South West England.It takes 42 processes to make one and they are not that expensive considering the World class quality.According to Catra in Sheffield, Savernake Knives are in the top 5% for sharpness in the World.
    I think out of the box sharpness is much less than a 100 BESS.For comparison a new razor blade is usually between 40 and 48 BESS points.
    I know this because I have a commissioned Savernake bespoke 8" x 4" caidao In RWL-34 with Asian ebony handle that is full tang but no rivets.

    This new 8 inch chef`s knife has a big belly like traditional European and North American knives for rocking so I`m sure my brother will love it.Personally I`m used to much flatter or no bellied big Asian cleaver shaped knives.
    Two identical knives are coming tomorrow so I can review it then.I look forward to it because the vast majority of my knives are cheap junk.
  2. The knives were extremely delayed - they`re coming tomorrow - hopefully.

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