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Cooks party volume 2

Discussion in 'Food and Drink' started by bieniek, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. bieniek

    bieniek Founding Member

    So yeah. Time for the next episode of the neverending story.
    It is neverending because one menu creates ideas for the next one, and that way I never get to try the completely new ideas! (well actually today I am doing just that with my new pasta dish, pics later)

    So the menu reads:

    Sourdough bread with whole rye flour
    yeastbeast with whole wheat flour

    crab butter
    as usual but there is the new contender:
    almond beurre noisette and raw shallots butter with a splash of cointreau

    Then I did some amuses, beef tartare, as usual, with bbq emulsion, just a bbq sauce I made when cooking pig ribs, blended with olive oil.

    Roll of chicken and oxtail this is basically scrap for many people and cooks.
    The meats are coming from what I managed to pick of the carcass of the chicken that gave me the chicken stock, 1/2 of the base for my main courses sauce.
    The oxtails, also used to make a stock, were picked, chopped with parsley and sauteed dried ceps I picked just few days earlier.
    All this was turned into rolls.

    Then time came for the starter of
    - crab cake based on mashed potato, with plenty crab, mayo, spring onions, shallot, served with
    - lemongrass and raspberry bush-honey[awesome stuff] jelly and
    - serrano chillies and corriander oil foam. The thing here is. The idea of a chilli foam is quite thin. It just is. This is one dimensional and even as a foam is quite boring.
    The corriander oil however [made by blitzing and cooking corriander leaves, dry roasting corrainder seed and leaving it to infuse for some hours] freshens up the whole thing. Add some excitement and lovely green bright and fresh colour the the dish. The smell of it, combined with fried cake and some sautee crab pieces that are on the top of the cake - think yourself ;)
    The cake itself is covered in panko bread crumbs, the whole idea is that you are frying the cake a la minute just before serving, then flash it in the oven till the interior is at about 60-65 degrees centigrade, just enough so the cake melts in your mouth - literally. You fry it quickly again the get the sides to golden brown and super crispy, so when served, when you atatck it with the fork, its like opening a properly caramelised creme brulee. There is the crunch, the soft inside, the flavour of crab and herbs and the consistence of mashed potato. Im quite happy to be eating this again actually haha.

    After that I killed some pork neck by boiling the living **** outta it. A half of a log went in the bath at exactly 61 degrees for exactly 23 hours 45 minutes. More or less.
    This was boil in a bag marinated with a sauce I made earlier by roasting pork neck :) - all the dripping, leftover veg and stock were pureed in a blender to make an awesome marinade...
    Served sauteed on one side with
    - aubergine puree,
    - beetroot,
    - confit shallots
    - potato fondant.
    The sauce was finished by reducing beer we [the type we drank that night], both stocks, a bottle of cheap spanish red wine and refreshed with beetroot juice at the end of the process.

    Dessert was an obvious experiment on my side but quite enjoyable.
    - Hazelnut-coconut sponge fried in butter, served warm.
    - Gooseberry gel, very easy to make as long as you can get yourself the berries
    - Caramelised hazelnuts, which first were browned in butter, drowned in cointreau, chilled, added to a caramel and reduced co the cointreau and caramel made a sauce-like glaze over it.
    - Crispy clementines skins, this repeats itself but Ive yet to find the perfect balance on how to make them most crispy so every time I learn something.
    - Dried milk
    - bay leaves ice cream. This is an awesome idea [dont know how an idiot like me could possibly come up with it], kind of unusual but when done right the flavour is mellow and gives a pleasant undertone to the dessert. The fact its cold just helps it break through and itnesify the hazelnuts. A harmony.

    Photos to follow as me and missus are having the same menu tonight, but we are on our own.

    That other night, we drank 30 bottles of beer, and there was only 3 drinkers, so I managed to make pictures just of the bread and butter

  2. bieniek

    bieniek Founding Member


    I totally forgot to update this. But here it is:

    I repeated the dinner the next day for the dutchess.
    Ive added some red bell peppers under the cake

    Tartare was gone by now so Ive only used the loftover of the chicken oxtail rolls and splashed some bbq on it.


    Then there was the main

    Crispy crispella

    And I know this garnish looks a bit fatigued but mind you this was warmed once before and I just managed to save so much.


    And the dessert.
  3. Looks tasty!
  4. apathetic

    apathetic Founding Member

    That must not have lasted long in the plate :D
  5. Brad Gibson

    Brad Gibson Founding Member

    was this one at home bienek? if so it looks insane!!!
  6. bieniek

    bieniek Founding Member

  7. Kim Bronnum

    Kim Bronnum Founding Member

    Thak looks so tasty, Mike. And I know your food also taste delicious :) Too bad you live all the way up in Norway or you would see me a lot more frequently ;-)
    I think you´re a damn good cook! Nice pics.

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