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coming soon

Discussion in 'Harner Knives' started by butch, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Lefty

    Lefty Founding Member

  2. butch

    butch Founding Member

    lefty you ever get a handle on that usuba?
  3. butch

    butch Founding Member

    ok some specs the 2 smaller knives (steak/utility) have 4.25 inch blades and over all length of just under 9 inchs the edge to spine at the heel is jsut over 1 icnh (asking 175 each)
    the blue "santuko" is more nakiri as i dropped and chipped the tip while grinding so i change the shap and kept grindig so its thin and fast just not quite the same profile you see from me for a blade shape 7.75 inch blade length overall 14 inch 2.25 tall at the heel. the handle is bog oak and blue maple asking 450$
    the ironwood and cocobolo is already listed at 450 $
    those were the XHP SS blades
    next up are the O1 carbon blades
    8 inch bullnose overall is jsut over 12.5 inch and has a birdseye maple handle asking 350$
    240mm chef is 55mm tall and 360mm over all the handle is ceder burl asking 500$

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