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Ceramic Coated Nonstick Pans?

Discussion in 'Food and Drink' started by Andrew, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. gunnerjohn

    gunnerjohn Founding Member

    I agree with the carbon steel pan usage over the high tech "pan of the midnight commercial". Stainless clad pans are great for saute and sauce work but a properly seasoned carbon pan will do you justice for years. I agree that the high tech coatings are cool at first but they do wear off way too fast. Treat it like your best knife and it will treat you well too.
  2. apathetic

    apathetic Founding Member

    Fried eggs taste so much better on a carbon pan!
    I would recommend getting one of the thin crepe pans and use it exclusively for eggs and all manner of crepes.
  3. daveb

    daveb Founding Member

    I had occasion, several actually, to use the Cuisinart Green Pan. POS. Didn't sear, non non-stick, ********** to clean. After 6 months the culinary store put them on "yard sale" for 10 bucks per. No takers.

    Do like the de Buyer (Mineral B) a lot, 10 inch for most stuff, 12 inch is next on the list. And Swiss Diamond for true non-stick.
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Have Pen Will Travel Founding Member

    I just bought a de Buyer Carbone Plus 10" crepe pan and two of the Carbone Plus 9.5" fry pans. I found specs for the diameter of the bottom of the pans, and those two match up to our stove's elements.

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