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Bulk Purchase Project.

Discussion in 'Food and Drink' started by zwiefel, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. zwiefel

    zwiefel Rest in peace brother

    Taking a page from a friend's playbook, I've been keeping my eye on the local circulars, waiting for a big sale on items I actually use. Yesterday was the day! Found chicken thigh quarters, london broil, pork loin, and pork shoulders all at steep discounts...but must be purchased in bulk. Got about 85lbs of meat at $0.50 on the $1. Spent a couple of hours last night breaking them down, then baggin'-n-taggin' them for the freezer in quantities that I typically use.

    Now...if I could just catch a sale on bonless, skinless chicken thighs...or maybe whole sirloins...

    Once I loaded this into the trunk of my little 2-seater, I swear I could feel the rear-end sagging.

    Chicken thigh 1/4, 20lbs. Bagged up in twos, primarily for grilling.

    two 1/2 pork loins, ~10lbs. 1 cut up for grilling chops, the other for roasts...perhaps also for the grill.

    two 7lb London Broil steaks, kept whole. Will hot-smoke as one piece, then slice thinly, re-bag and re-freeze for no-cook meals.

    4 pork shoulders, about 35lbs. two kept whole for BBQ, two deboned and cut into 2-pieces for weeknight carnitas.

    Many thanks to you all, but especially MuchoBocho, for convincing me to get the VP-112. I've not regretted it a single day since it arrived.

    Also thanks to Jon @ JKI....I know that the Kochi Honesuki wasn't really made for pork shoulders...but until I get around to a galantine, it's doing a mighty fine job with pork!
  2. Toothpick

    Toothpick #2 since day #1 Founding Member

  3. Jim

    Jim Old Curmudgeon Founding Member

  4. Dr. Atkins would be very proud of you! Well played sir!
  5. zwiefel

    zwiefel Rest in peace brother

    Ha! Dr. Atkins indeed. Nicely done.

    I had to run to the store last night for some stock...couldn't help myself...now have 4 racks of ribs...about $8/rack!
  6. Nice lol! Can you say 'protein'?!

  7. Jim

    Jim Old Curmudgeon Founding Member

  8. zwiefel

    zwiefel Rest in peace brother

    don't jinx it!
  9. John Fout

    John Fout Founding Member

    I stock up on protein whenever I can. Whole sirloins are usually what I'm on the lookout for but whole chickens, leg quarters all get bought and frozen. I bought eight pork loins when they were $1.59 a pound.

    I my get a case of sirloin butts through work but that is a lot of meat for two people. :D
  10. Wow, that's a great idea, i wish i could do that...
    But in a shared flat, with a shared fridge and freezer it's not really doable, unless i know there will be a BBQ soon. :)
    Anyway, which vacuum sealer are you using if you don't mind me asking?

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