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Brock Cutlery 24 cm 52100 wa-gyuto passaround

Discussion in 'Passarounds & Loaners' started by Rick, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. My thoughts on the pass-around knife:

    I'm in a unique position in this pass-around because I actually own a knife from Brock that was produced after the pass-around has begun. The knife I have from him is a ~200mm gyuto made from 52100 with a grind that as refined using some of the feedback from earlier in the pass around. That said, the first part is just going to be talking about the pass-around with the second being a comparison to my knife.

    Pass-Around Knife

    The fit and finish was solid all around, had a semi mirror finish when I got it and all the expected edges were smoothed/rounded. The handle looks well installed and is simple but well done and nice looking. The knife profile is excellent for a 240mm gyuto, has a decent flat area in the back and a bit of a dropped tip. Overall I liked the profile quite a bit and wish more gyuto's had a lower tip like this knife. I noticed on the stones it was fairly easy to touch up as well since you didn't have to worry about sharpening around a big belly or curve in the knife. Steel got sharp quickly and was pleasant on the stones, not W2 or W1 smooth and creamy feeling but much nicer in feel than stainless. Basically it felt like a good carbon on the stones and acted liked such.

    In terms of performance, it was solid, the knife has some weight to it but it fairly well balanced in that it isn't too forward heavy. The knife performed well through most softer stuff and the tip was thin enough to cleanly slide through some onions. The knife was a middle weight in that it wasn't laser thin or heavy/hefty, a nice middle would describe it best. That said, there was some wedging and audible cracking through denser and thicker ingredients, carrots were a good example of this. I purposely took the knife to 5lb bag of carrots just to see andregardless of me trying different techniques and cutting styles it felt and performed like it was a bit too thick behind the edge. This may have come from a few sharpenings without thinner or may just be that the knife could benefit from being thinner behind the edge from the start. Either way, it wasn't the most fun in dense stuff. It wasn't that it was bad by any means, it was just decidedly average in performance through anything that put up some resistance. Thinner and lighter stuff like peppers and onions were incredibly easy and smooth but it suffered when the going got tough. For reference, my Kochi, Watanabe and Munetoshi handled denser products much better, smoother and less resistancethan the Brock.

    My Knife Comparison
    This part is honestly the most useful in that my knife is an example of what Brock is doing now and how he has already improved from the pass around feedback he has been receiving. The knife I have from him exhibits noticeably less wedging and cracking through harder produce, root vegetables and other tougher stuff. Now that isn't to say it's perfect, but it's a noticeable improvement and to me, much more satisfactory overall. The knife I have from him still performs great with softer stuff and now it handles dense stuff with a bit more grace and smoothness. Bearing that in mind, my Kochi and Watanabe are definitely smoother andoverall better cutters when I look at the knives as a whole. These knives are outstandingly thin behind the edge especially the Kochi (I have a KU Gyuto) which I believe plays a large part in this. I feel that Brock is absolutely on the right track with my personal knife from him but it needs a bit more. Maybe a bit thinner, maybe a bit of a hollow or concave? I honestly am not 100% sure but I can say that his performance is quickly approaching some of the best cutting knives I own and I only expect it to improve further in the future as he continues to grow and experiment with more grinds and styles.

    Overall both knives show a lot of promiseand the personal gyuto I have from him shows that he is refining his craft quickly and the cutting performance is rapidly increasing.
  2. I am in a similar situation with one of Mark's after-feedback knives, will try to post my reviews soon but can say the improvement for my personal cutting preferences is eye popping.
  3. Mark Brock

    Mark Brock Professional Craftsman

    Rick, I want to thank you again for offering this pass-around.

    I also want to thank everyone who participated and provided me so much great feedback.
    This information seriously has saved me years of trial and error in improving my geometry and that is invaluable.

    I have a batch of blades off to heat treat right now and I can't wait to get them back and put some new ideas into play.
    I will likely have a few test knives in this batch that I would like to offer in a follow-on pass around.
    If anyone is interested please let me know.


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