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Best bang for your buck evo, vinegars for dressings...

Discussion in 'Food and Drink' started by Squirrel Master, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. Squirrel Master

    Squirrel Master Founding Member

    So the winter is slowly but surely in decline here in louisiana and ive been getting the urge to make A few homemade vinegarettes. I know its still sorta out of season but im kinda looking to eat lighter meals especially after eating nothing but super heart rich food for most of winter. Nothing crazy, just traditional flavors mostly. I checked out the selection of extra virgin olive oil and sherry, champagne, and red wine vinegars at my local grocery stores and whole foods. I wouldnt mind hearing from you guys about your favorite brands for vinegars and olive oils, even other oils. BTW i picked up some colavita evo, napa valley naturals brand sherry vin, and la tourangelle roasted walnut oil.
  2. Jim

    Jim Old Curmudgeon Founding Member

    Have you considered making some vinegar yourself- Its pretty easy and I have friends who do it with there kids all the time... weird stuff to like pineapple vinegar.
  3. beginish

    beginish Silver Contributor Founding Member

    Whole Foods 365 brand of balsamic vinegar is actually pretty decent, and tested very favorably by Cooks Illustrated.
  4. Squirrel Master

    Squirrel Master Founding Member

    Honestly i cant tell much difference between whole foods brand evo and colavita brand evo. And the whole foods brand is a lot cheaper
  5. Argonaut

    Argonaut People call me French sounding words Founding Member

    Do tell!
  6. Jim

    Jim Old Curmudgeon Founding Member

    Mash up whatever fruit you have- let it naturally ferment it into wine then let it turn to vinegar. Wala!
  7. Andre

    Andre Founding Member

    The California Olive Ranch Arbequina is really good for the price, and comes bag in box like cooking wine so it stays good, I think it's ninety for nearly five gallons. Not really cooking oil though, it is pretty strong.
  8. MotoMike

    MotoMike Founding Member

    I'd love to find a source for reasonably priced aged Balsamico. The really good ones never seem to be cheap though. A bar in Gaeta where I used to live would drizzle a Balsamico on their gelato. On its face you'd think it to be a terrible match, but the aged vinegar was syrupy and an amazing flavors including a faint oaky, nutty sweetness while the sour was much reduced. I am probably not describing it well, but it really complemented the ice cream. Once stateside, I've found a couple good ones over the years, but lots that weren't so good.
  9. Jay

    Jay No soup for you Founding Member

    I get my olive oil and vinegars from Fairway, and sometimes Trader Joe's. Asian markets usually have a great selection of cheap rice wine vinegars that are very useful.

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