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BBQ The thin blue smoke of tastyness

Discussion in 'Food and Drink' started by Jim, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. James

    James smarter then your average duck Founding Member Gold Contributor

    I grille year round, nothing like some hot sticky ribs cooking outside in -40 snowstorm to make you feel better about it
  2. Jim

    Jim Old Curmudgeon Founding Member

  3. Andy

    Andy Founding Member

    Cranked up the WSM today, and spent a little time chasing the thin blue.

    Cooked up 8lb of wings, a small blade roast and a small lamb forequarter roast.

    The blade roast was a little overcooked but still wasn't too bad, as I nodded off and forgot to set the alarm on the Maverick.

    But all in all, a good day was had.

    The beast.


    Really enjoy the Maverick, will eventually upgrade to the ET-733, but for the moment the ET-73 will do. Wireless connection can be a bit buggy but overall not too bad. At least I can sit inside and surf KKF and still keep an eye on the 'que.


    Going on



    Job's done.



  4. Andre

    Andre Founding Member

    This is what I used at my last job
    And this is what I use now
  5. MotoMike

    MotoMike Founding Member

    could you talk about the butt roast you cooked? How do you select the roast? Heavily marbled or something else? the rub or seasoning process? How long would you expect a 5 or 6 pounder to take?

  6. Jim

    Jim Old Curmudgeon Founding Member

    Mine Mike?

    Well its a pork butt or shoulder roast. This is the typical piece of meat used on "pulled pork" that many associate with "BBQ". I select a piece that just looks good.. I know not very helpful. One that is not raggedy or miss cut if it is cyrovaced that the bag is not full of liquid. Good color and firm, not mushy .
    The size you mentioned is quite small, I am not sure you have a butt there, perhaps a half a ham? either way it is impossible to guess the time if you are going to do a traditional BBQ. I have done 4 at a time and each one comes off at a different time 10-11-12-13 hours sometimes. The goal is to pass a probe through the meat with NO resistance. This usually happens at 195-205 degrees internal temperature. The bone will be able to pull completely free with almost no effort. As you can see I have this one trussed up to make it easier to move around and not have it blow apart.

    Here is a two part rub that is very well known on the internet. I dialed down the Garlic quite a bit.

    24 hours in advance

    8 part Paprika

    5 part salt

    3 part sugar

    2 part cumin

    2 part dry mustard

    2 part celery seed

    2 part granulated onion

    1 part Granulated garlic

    1 part coriander

    1 part chili powder

    1 part black pepper

    ½ part cayenne pepper

    ½ part thyme

    Final rub just before smoking

    ¼ c kosher salt

    ½ c coarse pepper

    2 T lemon rinds

    ½ t cayenne
  7. MotoMike

    MotoMike Founding Member

    Thanks. I guess I should replied with quotes in your post. 11 pounds, I suppose one can always find something to do with 11 pounds of butt. How about your seasonings? Or is that a "eyes only" level secret?
  8. Jim

    Jim Old Curmudgeon Founding Member

  9. zwiefel

    zwiefel Rest in peace brother

    Propane just can't do what charcoal does. Get one of the little weber grills! they are about $40 and do a fine job with higher-temp hot-smoking for quick meals (BBQ is probably out of their reach though, given the proximity of the food to the heat).

  10. zwiefel

    zwiefel Rest in peace brother

    The chips burn too fast and too hot. Too much to manage, and I don't think the product is comparable. The only place the chips make sense is a propane grill.

    Larger pieces of unsoaked wood have always worked best for me. Soaking them just means you have to boil the water off and waste heat and charcoal on it. To control the burn rate of the smoking wood, you just control the oxygen flow by proper vent management. I can make a stick of hickory 4X2X1 last an hour that way.
  11. MotoMike

    MotoMike Founding Member

    I am now back on charcoal, but have had some good luck with chips on propane in the past. Meat on one end with no fire under it and fire on the other end. I had a cast iron smoker box that slowed down the consumptions of the chips. But actually, an aluminum pie tin full of chips, covered with foil with a few holes in it serves the same purpose and did a pretty good job.
  12. MotoMike

    MotoMike Founding Member

    How do you all grill your salmon. I grilled some salmon fillets last night. They came out great. Possibly the best I've done. My problems is that they tend to stick to the gill even though it is now seasoned and oiled before cooking and the salmon was oiled as well.
  13. PierreRodrigue

    PierreRodrigue Tactical Walrus Founding Member Contributor

    So did some ribs in the offset smoker. Rubbed, and set to rest overnight. Then smoked over pecan. This is a Kansas style recipe, by John Wills, who won the World BBQ Championship with it. My first time trying it, and it turned out awesome!

    Didnt get early pictures, but this is coated with the rub, and right on the grill...
  14. Jim

    Jim Old Curmudgeon Founding Member

  15. Talking about BBQ, I just missed a Traeger Lil Tex on craigslist for ...............$200 and ten minutes away. OUCH

    Back to the Char Griller Kamado.
  16. Jeffery Hunter

    Jeffery Hunter Founding Member

    IMGP9867.JPG a couple of BBQ's and a lot of Salmon

  17. Jim

    Jim Old Curmudgeon Founding Member

  18. Jay

    Jay No soup for you Founding Member

    What do 50 lbs worth of ribs look like after they are trimmed up?

    Attached Files:

  19. daveb

    daveb Founding Member

    Memphis Style "Sauce" - say it isn't so...;)
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2014
  20. Jim

    Jim Old Curmudgeon Founding Member

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