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Basic Grade Sayas

Discussion in 'J. Garza/Mokuzo' started by Julio, Mar 2, 2021.

  1. Julio

    Julio Professional Craftsman

    Basic Grade Sayas are the most affordable Sayas I have available.
    They are light weight, yet more robust and durable!

    I got into the Customs Saya Business after my first Saya was broken to the lack of brains my fellow coworkers
    who used my knife without my permission and not only they left it dirty, they eft it dirty in the saya!!
    Which is something I'd never do.
    Not only was there moisture in the inside weakening the wood do to bacterial, but they also inserted the knife
    upside down forcefully adding extra stress to the wood that was not meant to endure for long.

    Most Sayas you'll find out there are made out of magnolia wood, poplar or a similar variation of that type of wood. Their walls have a thickness of 1/16" and the spine and belly 1/8"and they fit most knives out there very loosely.

    We all know these hand made knives are 1 of a kind so, why protect them with a 1 size fits all??

    Mokuzo Sayas are better way to go. Built with Premium Grade Maple, not only the final product is stronger but also has better water resistance. The walls are Thicke/Stronger at 1/8" and the framing is wider at 1/2"with will have a better hold against splitting incase of a fall.

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  2. Wagner the Wehrwolf

    Wagner the Wehrwolf Founding Member

    Those look fantastic!

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