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60HRC test S35VN D handle gyuto.

Discussion in 'Tristone Bladesmithing' started by Chadd Smith, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. G'day ladies and gents,

    This is one of my latest and best knives yet. Feel free to throw in any critiques as I have spent a fair bit of time testing to get my HT nailed for stainless "super steels". This particular blade has been rockwell tested and has the dents to prove it. 60HRC on the nose.

    60HRC S35VN Gyuto, triple LN2 cryo double temper.
    225mm edge, 50mm tall at heel. 2.3mm thick at ferrule.
    50/50 convex grind.
    800 grit satin hand finish.
    130mm tapered D shaped handle for right handed user.
    Camatillo, Ancient red gum and nickle handle.

    $500USD shipped from Australia.

    Thanks for looking.

    20150927_123934.jpg 20150927_123641.jpg 20150927_123856.jpg 20150927_124059.jpg 20150927_101243.jpg
  2. Nice finish! How did you go about it? Just sweat and time? I handrubbed elmax post HT once, and am not crazy with the idea of doing that again...
  3. It was about four hours of hand sanding. I don't want to do it again lol.
  4. This is now sold,


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