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2021 East Coast Gathering (ECG) - Sunday, August 1 in Washington, DC area

Discussion in 'Get togethers, Tastings, Restaurant Openings, Etc' started by WildBoar, Jun 19, 2021.

  1. WildBoar

    WildBoar Founding Member Contributor

    At my house in Alexandria (northern Virginia) again -- same as the few years before 2020.

    Lots of knives. Lots of food. Lots of home cooks and pro cooks. District Cutlery (nee DC Sharp) and Butch Harner should be here as well. A handful of regulars already have it on their schedule.

    Great opportunity to catch up with old friends, make some new ones, ogle and fondle a few hundred kitchen knives, eat some good food and lie to a bunch of people about how good a sharpener you are.

    The event is indoor, so no problems with weather. We put in a patio last Fall, so if it's not normal late July/ early August weather it's a good hang-out spot.

    We are spouse-friendly, so feel free to bring yours out.

    I have contact info for most past attendees. If you have not been here before and would like to attend please PM me your name and an email address and I will send you out additional information prior to the event (including the address).

    For those who would like to cook here there is a gas stovetop, some ovens, a gas grill and a charcoal grill or two.

    I would like to pull together a dinner the night before, like in the old days. (well, like in every year except 2019, when no one could make it)

    Please note that due to the indoor nature of this event attendees must be fully vaccinated.
  2. Tom

    Tom Founding Member

    Love that this is happening, wish I could be there
  3. larrybard

    larrybard Founding Member

    Having attended several times in the past, I can sincerely say that it is an event that everyone on this list should want to attend if feasible; a really great time is pretty much ensured!
  4. cheflarge

    cheflarge Founding Member

    Wish I could make it....... unfortunately the, past & present, EC gathering has fallen during our busy season....... hence gonna miss another one......... DAMMIT!!! Hope fun is had by all. Stay sharp & safe!
  5. WildBoar

    WildBoar Founding Member Contributor

    When we hold it in the Spring there are proms, graduations, festivals, etc. Now holding it on August 1 there are a lot of people on vacation. And with everything reopening, those who are working in restaurant kitchens are stretched out even more than normal. I feel bad for those of you who have wanted to attend but are prevented by scheduling issues. I'm actually having pretty good luck getting some DC area chefs/ cooks who are not on the forums interested in coming out for a little while this year. I was expecting the normal avalanche of "Would love to but can't!" replies again this year but instead there should be quite a few new faces.
  6. cheflarge

    cheflarge Founding Member

  7. WildBoar

    WildBoar Founding Member Contributor

    A couple event updates:

    There will be a couple ex-mixologists making some batches of cocktails, and putting on some cocktail demos.

    There will be some natural finger stone polishing/ kasumi finish lessons. So bring a san-mai, wide bevel or iron clad knife or two and learn polishing/ finishing techniques from a highly-skilled fellow forum member.
  8. cheflarge

    cheflarge Founding Member

    Dammit, missed it again!
  9. butch

    butch Founding Member

    sucks to have missed it first time in like 10 years but for me i just had too much goign on with moving
  10. Jim

    Jim Old Curmudgeon Founding Member

  11. WildBoar

    WildBoar Founding Member Contributor

    Jim, I did not take many during the event since I was hopping a bit, but the ones that I took are on Instagram at #kkfecg2021.

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