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What's cooking?

Discussion in 'Food and Drink' started by Jim, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. PierreRodrigue

    PierreRodrigue Tactical Walrus Founding Member Contributor

    Dear Lord ladies!! Those dishes look outstanding! Either of you adopting? I'm house trained...;)

    Well I was asked if "we" could do pizzas this weekend (sister-in-law, her husband is my hunting buddy) So I made enough dough for 10 pies, then got to thinking, Crap! I need a pizza peel... Always kinda made due, it was a PITA, but hey, its still pizza right? So this afternoon, I made a 16" x 16" peel. Sanded it all smooth, and gave it a coat of mineral oil/bee's wax. Pics tomorrow.
  2. Spaz

    Spaz Founding Member

    One of these days I'm going to make something worthy of posting for you guys!
  3. PierreRodrigue

    PierreRodrigue Tactical Walrus Founding Member Contributor

    This was some of todays pizza carnage.
  4. Jim

    Jim Old Curmudgeon Founding Member

  5. James

    James smarter then your average duck Founding Member Gold Contributor

    Do you do delivery to my area ?
  6. Lucretia

    Lucretia Founding Member

    Haven't had much beef for a while, so we're on a bloody flesh kick this week:


    (yes, there was horseradish sauce.)
  7. Lucretia, is that a rib roast? It looks perfect.

    Everything looks so yummy! We were in town all day running between dentist and oral surgery so just had nasty Burger King :(
  8. schanop

    schanop Founding Member

    Had almost the whole duck skin left, except from the breast part, and made some cooking time crunchies to chew and go with a glass of wine.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. cclin

    cclin Founding Member

    Oxtail Russian Borscht! I've so much fun used my Butch Harner's nakiri for prepare cutting tasks.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2014
  10. Huw

    Huw Founding Member

    That looks delicious Charles!
    Nice scratching a too Chanop, great with a beer!
  11. schanop

    schanop Founding Member

    Thanks Huw, crispy duck and checkin skin definitely go well with a beer.

    Autumn has officially arrived and the weather is getting cooler down here, so it is time for some winter hearty dish:

    Braised beef cheek in tomato sauce.

  12. That looks good
  13. panda

    panda Founding Member

    i'll take a bowl of that borscht
  14. EdipisReks

    EdipisReks The Picasso of Creepiness Founding Member

    I have a spatchcocked chicken (with butter, basil, maldon, and pepper in the bag), in the water bath at 140. It'll go in the fridge in the morning, and then tomorrow evening will go into a blistering hot oven, to brown and crisp. I have a regular roast chicken down pretty damn well, but my wife always complains that it takes me too long before we eat, when I make a roast chicken, so I'm hoping that putting the time up in the beginning will save time in the end.

    I love my PolyScience Creative, and my VacMaster260. I don't know how I lived without them. :) Going to do a vacuum infusion for a tonic syrup, over the weekend (hopefully it works as well as my iSi whipper, as nitrous carts kinda get expensive).
  15. My culinary masterpiece of the day: banana pudding. I'm surprised I remember how to make it, it's been at least 15 years since the last time.

  16. John Fout

    John Fout Founding Member

    Braised short ribs with mushrooms leeks mirepoix, beef stock, thyme rosemary and a touch of tomato paste to round it all out.
  17. James

    James smarter then your average duck Founding Member Gold Contributor

    so much for my dinner

  18. Spaz

    Spaz Founding Member

    What....I hear rotisserie cat is pretty good.
  19. Brianw

    Brianw The Dark Net Mastermind Founding Member

    Topher is eating quite well these days
  20. James

    James smarter then your average duck Founding Member Gold Contributor

    i left the room with 5 meatballs left he ate one... left one on the floor for later, which i found under my foot, and he pulled lick it to own it rules as when i sat down he made sure to lick all the meatballs before taking that one

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