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That Lost Recipe

Discussion in 'Food and Drink' started by James, May 10, 2015.

  1. James

    James smarter then your average duck Founding Member Gold Contributor

    I once spent three days making a dish, I called it three day chilii, although it wasnt really chili. It had a bit would of this and a bit of that, I know the ingrediants, I know the process I took, but I have never been able to replicate the dish from that first time. And so it became im great lost recipe, and its not the only time Ive had this happen either. Im wandering if I'm the only person that does this
  2. Bill T

    Bill T Founding Member

    I never learned to cook when I was younger, although I saw my Mom prepare many a meal.
    I tried to replicate her meatballs, escarole soup with the little meatballs (different from the large), and her pasta fragioli.
    I got close to the large meatballs, but the others- not even close.
    Simple recipes, I know, yet can't recreate mama's magic.
    Sometimes I'm glad I can't. ....keeps her on that pedestal. ...
  3. Lucretia

    Lucretia Founding Member

    That happens to me all the time. I've finally learned to try and scribble down what I did immediately after a meal if something comes out good. It's not an exact recipe, but it gives me a place to start. Assuming I can read my handwriting later.
  4. John Fout

    John Fout Founding Member

    Quit writing with your toes!
  5. That's the beauty of it. Won't be the same, it may even be a bit better next time.
    Look for some other recipes and mix and match the good ideas to create a recipe what really works for you.
  6. Lucretia

    Lucretia Founding Member

  7. James

    James smarter then your average duck Founding Member Gold Contributor

    you didn't threaten the neighbours kid into doing that did you
  8. I must have been lost, is this the "Foot and Drink" part of the forum? :)
    (Anyway, nice feet. ;) )
  9. Christopher

    Christopher Founding Member


    It looks like you've mastered the feet writing. It's time to step your game up :)


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