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Shave Of The Day <3

Discussion in 'The Off Topic Room' started by Mr.Magnus, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. Birnando

    Birnando Founding Member

    Oh, you are still at it Magnus.
    My apologies, I kinda forgot about this thread.
    I'll put up a few more shaves in the coming days;)
    Although your photographic skills shames us normal point and shoot idiots!

  2. Can't wait to see what you show next. I know you have something on the way to from SRD. :)

    Well so much for saving the Tignanello... I keep trying but im on my third now :fp

    By the way. if you haven't tried the Amarone Masi Nectar Costasera 2009 you really should. I haf to get it from Norway everytime i want it. easier to find there. But damn that bottle is worth it.
  3. Birnando

    Birnando Founding Member

    Did an early shave before hitting the golf course today. The razor is a 8/8 Robert Williams custom. Scales in MOP. The brush is a Plisson pure mountain white, the finest brushes out there imo.
    Xpec sc is easily top 3 of all I've ever tried.
    The cologne was Bond no 9, Chez Bond. Love it!
  4. Very nice setup Birnando. Don't you find the MOP scales abit heavy thou?
  5. Birnando

    Birnando Founding Member

    No, not on this one. The razor being a 8/8 quarter hollow, it actually needs some weight to balance it
  6. Birnando

    Birnando Founding Member

    As mentioned by Magnus, I have been awaiting a new custom razor.
    This little thing arrived today, and I decided to give it a go immediately.
    The razor was made by the Admin over at straightrazorplace.com, Bruno Van Dooren from Belgium.

    Measuring in at a full inch wide and with a half hollow grind it is a solid piece of shaving gear;)
    His prices are simply put remarkably low, I have customs costing 10 times what I paid for this.
    The shave with it did in no way reflect that at all.
    A stellar shaver!

  7. I like the point! and the scales looks very cool! i been eyeballing his work for a while now and must say he is doing some great looking razors. is he selling thruw SRD only or take custom orders?
  8. Birnando

    Birnando Founding Member

    I believe he does both.
    One can also buy them as unfinished razors.
    Meaning they will need polishing, honing and scales.
  9. Thanks! ill haf to look that up!
  10. Razor: Erik Anton Berg frameback in genuine tortoise shell
    Brush: Pixelfixed Koa/buffarlo/MuskOx/ebony
    Soap: Cella
    ASB: D&G One
    EDT: Lancome Hypnose

    This razor makes me smile, pure joy to use and look at so is this amazing brush Pixelfixed made me.

    Happy Sunday Gents.

  11. Razor: Heljestrand N6 in Olive wood
    Brush: Mr.M Amboyna Burl 2-band Finest
    Soap: RazoRock Classic
    ASB: Bulldog

    Yesterdays shave went great. Made a little brush stand out of Jatoba wood for my tall brushes.

  12. Birnando

    Birnando Founding Member

    Had a stellar shave today.
    This razor is very special to me as it was the very first Filarmonica #14 I ever got.
    This particular one is a Especial para barbas duras.

    With some Amouage Epic Man cologne, Boellis Panama 1924 soap and a perfect Th├Ąter brush the half hour in the shave-cave just had to be pure bliss:)

    Filly EPBD-1.jpg
  13. Razor: Parker 13/16
    Brush: Mr.M Tall MHW 24mm
    Cream: Penhaligon's Endymion
    ASB: D&G One
    EDP: Penhaligon's Endymion

    Honed this NOS razor the other day in Mikael's Garden. Thanks for a great session of honing with cigarr and expresso Mikael, Shave today was super nice.

  14. Razor: Henckels Friodur n17 Pair
    Brush: Mr.M Tall HWM 24mm
    Oil: TOBS
    Cream: Penhaligon's Endymion
    AS: TOBS Mr.Taylor

    Todays shave was Smooth and nice.
    Razor's finished on Ozuku Asagi.

  15. Razor: King Pelican 6/8 made in Japan
    Brush: Custom koa/muskox/buffarlo horn 24mm Silvertip
    Cream: RazoRock Classic
    AS: Dr.Harris Sandalwood

    This blade is a stunning work of art. Shave was nothing but stellar.

  16. Razor: Merkur 15/16+
    Brush: Simpson Tulip 3 Manchurian Badger
    Soap: LEA Puck
    AS: Bulldog
    Skincare: Anthony Logistics Instant Fix Oil
    EDT: Armani Code

    Today is the last day of the vacation. Heavy Rain and thunder going on. Todays shave was great with new products. The LEA was a nice soap that lather up nice and had a good slick feel. Anthony Logistics Product line seems to be very good aswell.

  17. Toothpick

    Toothpick #2 since day #1 Founding Member

  18. Razor: Bismarck Barbers Spezial 7/8
    Brush: M&F 2-Band Blond Badger
    Cream: Dr.Harris Windsor
    ASB: D&G One
    EDP: Costume Intense

    Just finished cleaning up my new Bismarck and honed it was a plessure. Delivered a perfect shave. New EDP from Sliqhaq The Costume Intense has a very nice scent, warm and sweet and gets 10/10 from me. Happy weekend gents.

  19. Razor: King Pelican
    Brush: Neep 26mm Extra Silvertip
    ShavingCream: Anthony Logistics
    FaceWash: Tom Robinn
    Toner: Tom Robinn
    Moisturizer: Tom Robinn

    Superb Monday shave full of luxery feel. First time i tried the Tom Robinn Skincare products and thay feel really good & refreshing with a fresh lime scent. The shaving cream was also new for me. Excellent Lather that had everything i want in a cream. Has a minty scent and a cooling effect from the eucalyptus.

    Happy Monday Gents.

  20. Razor - Vintage Parker 13/16 from Japan
    Strop - SRW English Bridle 3'
    Soap - LEA Hard Soap
    Brush - M&F
    AS - Alum stick & Bulldog ASB

    Fantastic Sunday afternoon shave.


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