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Sharpening Pictures

Discussion in 'Se Ecglast' started by Taylor, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. Taylor

    Taylor Professional Craftsman Founding Member

    I'm starting this thread just to show some before and after sharpening pics. It's amazing to see the condition of some knives.

    This one wasn't horrible, from what I've already seen, but it'll be fun seeing the reaction of the person when they get it back.

  2. cheflarge

    cheflarge Founding Member

    Nice job, Taylor. Thats a hell of a chip! :cool:
  3. Taylor

    Taylor Professional Craftsman Founding Member

    Thanks! The funny thing is, he's had that chip for years, and hadn't been using the knife, since he didn't know what to do with it. He kept talking about sending it back to Shun, but I offered to fix it for picture sake. He's a happy camper now though. I don't even think he can remember how he got it, or maybe he is just blocking out the experience :)

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