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New Website Launching Today

Discussion in 'Japanese Knife Imports' started by JBroida, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. JBroida

    JBroida Founding Member

    We are in the process of launching a new website for Japanese Knife Imports today... at some point today, our current website will go down for a bit, and the new website will officially launch. Please bear with us through any hiccups that may occur. We hope you enjoy the much easier to use new website when it is ready later today.
  2. Toothpick

    Toothpick #2 since day #1 Founding Member

  3. schanop

    schanop Founding Member

    Congrats, Jon. It's alive.
  4. JBroida

    JBroida Founding Member

  5. JBroida

    JBroida Founding Member

    by the way, if you guys have any feedback, i'd love to hear it. Also, i'd be curious to hear what international customers think of how things work now (i.e. being able to get shipping quotes on the site, new rates for shipping, ease of use, etc.). I tried to cover most peoples concerns when putting this together, and i focused on usability as much as possible.
  6. JBroida

    JBroida Founding Member

    • Modal popup that covers half of screen and ask for subscribing is evil.
    • When I opened live chat and tried to login with facebook it displayed an error saying that app is still in development mode. Google login worked well for me.
    • Would be nice to have an option to filter sold out knives (to show only those that are in stock).
    • Overall feels better than before, especially the product pages. Not sure if you've changed server or just tweaked software, but it load noticeably faster than before.
  7. JBroida

    JBroida Founding Member

    trying to disable the newsletter thing now... its shows as off in my settings, but it will have to wait till monday when the web developer is back from thanksgiving

    on the chat thing, i didnt even know you could log in with facebook... i'll look into it though

    I tried to filter sold out items, but right now, its not possible with what we use... i went for the next best thing, which was a whole menu section that shows only in-stock items- http://www.japaneseknifeimports.com/collections/in-stock-items ... you can filter down from there. Its not perfect, but we're working on it.

    We changed servers, software... well, pretty much everything. I think its going to be a lot better.

    Thanks for all of the feedback though... its helpful to know what things we have to work on.

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