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Hello - I`m John from Manchester - England

Discussion in 'New Member Check-In' started by roaduck, Dec 2, 2022.

  1. Hello all I am just a bloke who loves cooking and travelling and using and appreciating decent knives.I hope to get some tips and advice on sharpening especially and learning about Asian knives in particular.

    Here is a partial list of my cheap and quality knives plus sharpening gear from fifty years of cooking.

    Savernake bespoke powdered stainless RWL-34 8" caidao - asian ebony handle
    Eden Kanso 7" blue #2 hand forged carbon Kurouchi santoku - red sandalwood handle
    Motokyuichi Shirogami 9" White #2 hand forged carbon Kurouchi Gyuto - cherry handle
    Tojiro / Fuji Frozen Knife 190 mm FG-3400 stainless
    Chinese 5" stainless nakiri - cherry handle
    Sowell 9" single bezel stainless sujihiki
    Chinese 7" heavy forged stainless bunka/cleaver
    Chinese 8" heavy forged stainless kiritsuke
    Kiwi 8" stainless caidao
    Mercer 8" stainless caidao
    Ikea heavy 6" stainless bone cleaver
    Chinese 7" blue #2 hand forged carbon Kurouchi caidao
    Chinese 7" blue #2 hand forged carbon Kurouchi caidao
    Chinese 8" blue #2 hand forged carbon Kurouchi gaidou - 768 gram bone cleaver
    WAK knives 8" 67 layer damascus stainless Forged 9Cr13 Mov ( Aus10 equivalent ) kiritsuke - green ceramic handle
    WAK knives 8" 67 layer damascus stainless Forged 9Cr13 Mov ( Aus10 equivalent ) santoku - ebony handle
    1968 Sabatier thinned reprofiled forged stainless 6" utility
    Granton Sheffield 10" stainless rounded tip beef slicer
    Sabatier 10" stainless bread knife
    Rockingham Forge Sunrise - 7" - X40CR13 stainless santoku - green marbled ABS handle
    Chinese 14" stainless serrated slicer
    Chinese 10" stainless serrated bread knife

    Fixed angle sharpener
    1000 grit diamond stone
    400 grit diamond stone
    3200 grit diamond stone
    8000 grit blue john stone
    Various grits - 80 - 30000 - carborundum, ceramic , CBN and aluminium oxide plates and Belgium Ardennes Coticules - for the cut throat razors and decent knives
    Eggington - Sheffield - 12" Dual Cut Round Sharpening Steel
    12" leather/cloth strop - jewellers green aluminium oxide sharpening compound and 0.5 micron/1 micron diamond paste
    Plus another 20 or so antique to modern knives from all over the World
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2022
  2. These are piccies of some of my big rectangular knives and mostly Asian style knives.I`m trying not to collect anymore knives just replace my cheapie knives with better ones because I cook a lot; usually everyday for my church friends and the hare kryshnas - the homeless need a lot of regular warm nourishing food and I do my best.

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  3. Wagner the Wehrwolf

    Wagner the Wehrwolf Founding Member

    I like it! I have a lot of knives in buckets. LOL
  4. Nice one Wagner.I have a tiny kitch, no drawer space, no wall space and no bench space.So I got creative and rolled my sleeves up.I made an oak box out of scrap wood and put little feet on it and put removable high density foam on the bottom.Then I made 13 custom oversized knife pouches from 3mm polyester felt and used pinking shears and fabric glue as I am dire at sewing and had no sewing machine.That way the blade edge does not touch the felt inside and spends less time on my ubiquitous 1000 grit diamond stone next to the sink.Most of my knives are inexpensive but serviceable and I have a handful of alright ones.Because I lived in the far east so long I learnt to do everything with a caidao including carving flowers out of fruit and veg.I`m not a chef
    ; I just like mucking about in the kitch with American talk radio on (I used to live in Kokomo Indiana) ages ago.
  5. Jim

    Jim Old Curmudgeon Founding Member

  6. Thanks Jim - what a lovely welcome.
  7. Toothpick

    Toothpick #2 since day #1 Founding Member

  8. Thanks for the lovely welcome Toothpick.Most of my knives are cheapies from the early 1980`s when I was a poor student but I have a few good ones.I lived and worked in Hong Kong and Macau in the 1990`s so I developed a love for the Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Malaysian culture and food.I used Asian knives all day long and eventually I used caidao`s - Chinese chef`s knives / choka bucho knives for doing every cutting job in the kitchen.Now I don`t need need to use loads of Japanese specialist knives.I usually use just the two Chinese cheapie carbon choppers with the rough black kouruchi finish.I can get my carbons incredibly sharp in no time without expensive stones.I`ve been cooking since 1972 but I`m still learning - every day.

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