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gyuto Wip

Discussion in 'Bryan Raquin' started by cassca, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. hello KKFora

    petit Wip :D

    the steel for the edge : 145sc


    ready for welding

    the hidden tang is forged out



    after heat treatments , grit 60.
    Grit 120

    and Jns330

  2. La classe. I like a lot the high grind. I find cool the evolution. Probably naive question: from the pics, I see that at grit 60 you establish the lower part edge and after you make at grit 120 the rest of the bevel. Is it for working the convex ?
  3. no it's full flat.

    en français c'est plus simple, je fais juste un 1er biseau avec le 60 pour taper dans l'acier du fil, après je remonte l'emouture plus haute mais en restant plat.
    je garde juste une fine épaisseur au fil que je ferais convexe après a la pierre.

    sorry my english is very bad , and i think ZEtieum speak french :D ( i hope in fact )
  4. Yes I'm French.

    I rephrase in English for the few non-french speaker of the forum :)
    Bryan starts making a first bevel with the 60grit in order to roughly shape the cutting edge. Then he moves up the blade remaining completely flat. At this point the edge and bevel is not completely shaped, there is still some material remaining that will be used in a later stage to create the convex using whetstones.

    I really enjoy these WIP posts from knife makers. After that, when I hold a knife in my hand, I appreciate the work even more.

    @cassca: (on a déjà causé au tel)
    C'est très clair, merci Bryan! Fascinant de voir le processus. Merci de partager ça!
  5. thank you !!!
  6. Very nice!
    One day I would love to make a pilgrimage to Chateau Raquin to see how he makes such beautiful clean grinds!
    You use a flat platen only, Brian?
  7. what do you mean ? flat platen ?
  8. Le "platen" est le parte plate sur votre grinder contre quoi on pousse le couteau.
    Sorry, that's possibly complete gibberish?
  9. :D
    yes only flat platen .

    the knife is finished :
  10. distal taper awesomeness.
  11. MattS

    MattS Founding Member

    Awesome. Thank you for taking the time to post.

    Great looking knife too.
  12. thank you guys!!!!!

    i make a small video , potatoes vs gyuto ...

  13. XooMG

    XooMG Founding Member

    Looks pretty good.
  14. thank you :D
  15. awesome. how thick is the blade?
  16. [​IMG]

    A: 4.9mm
    B: 4mm
    C: 1.6mm
    C': ( 1cm above the edge ) 1mm
    D: 1mm
  17. That confirms: great geometry for achieving non sticktion with such thin edge! I am looking forward to have one of your knife in my hand :) (BTW, your scheme is great)
  18. Spaz

    Spaz Founding Member

    Very nice! Hope to own one of your knives some day.
  19. ok ..... done.
    soon @ eatingtools shop.



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