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Good Western Style Cook's Knife?

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Knife' started by Gnarl Sagan, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. Hello all,

    So browsing your conversations I am noticing a theme that I've also seen mirrored on the line of many restaurants... y'all are obsessed with Japanese style knives!

    Now don't get me wrong I adore my gyuto, and my santoku certainly has its place - but nothing fits my hand and my cooking style quite like a run of the mill western style cook's knife.

    The problem is... I'm a bit of a knife nut and I loooove the fit and finish and aesthetics of a good custom or small batch blade. I've had a hard time finding makers who specialize in western style knives though.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  2. When you work with a custom knife maker, you get whatever profile you want!

    IMG_6883.JPG IMG_9361.JPG IMG_9430.JPG IMG_8529.JPG IMG_8674.JPG IMG_8835.JPG IMG_8051.jpg IMG_3410.JPG
  3. MattS

    MattS Founding Member

    Gnarl, tell me a little more about your qualification of Western style knives. Are you thinking in terms of handle or blade profile or other dimensions?
  4. I'm mostly concerned with blade geometry - I can't really speak to wa handles as both of my Japanese profile knives have western style handles. I like a taller blade with a nice belly!
  5. chefcomesback

    chefcomesback Founding Member

    Not all of us makers are obsessed with Japanese styles , there are many makers who do western style ( including yours truly )






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  6. Huw

    Huw Founding Member

    Have you seen the Henckels Kramers?
  8. butch

    butch Founding Member

    like was pointed out if you go custom you get what ever you like
  9. I most certainly have seen them and they're on my list! Though I get more excited about knives that are hand made.
  10. MattS

    MattS Founding Member

    I am not a knife maker so take this for what it's worth. My bet is most small knife makers could make you any profile you wanted. If it was me, I would look through some of the vendors here and see if any of their knives "speak" to you then send them a message asking if they could do a knife with some belly.
  11. if you like Kramers you might want to check knives from Van Zanten

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