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Fish Bone Tweezers

Discussion in 'Food and Drink' started by MotoMike, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. MotoMike

    MotoMike Founding Member

    Is it something that a $7 set will do? I looked at the Kotobuki fish bone tweezers for $6.95 and they look pretty much like the ones going for $30. [​IMG]
  2. sachem allison

    sachem allison Founding Member

    Yea, they work fine. I have about 2-3 of the same ones I picked up at the Chinese market for I think a $2.99 for a 2 pack and they work great. I do find the key to a really good tweezer it the bigger they and more precisely they are ground the better. Less fatigue and better grip.
  3. MotoMike

    MotoMike Founding Member

    Thanks Son. good to see you again

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